I learned how to wash my hair!

When I attended a blogger event for Swell recently I was expecting to learn all about the award-winning brand and its founders Andrew Bidwell and Jonathan Stallick but I wasn't expecting to learn something really fundamental that works and that is how to wash my hair! Andrew Bidwell (the hairdresser behind the brand) started by… Continue reading I learned how to wash my hair!

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Blooming Lovely Flowers! – from BloomonUK

I always think that having flowers in the house really makes it feels like home and even when pay day¬†seems a long way away I try to find a couple of pounds for a bunch or two - my excuse of course is that I need them for my blog! This week I discovered a… Continue reading Blooming Lovely Flowers! – from BloomonUK

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Bluebells in Hackney

When I was invited to an event in Hackney last week for a fragrance launch I wasn't sure what to expect. These days Hackney is arty and edgy and I couldn't quite make that image gel with the classic contemporary brand Yardley. Reading a little further down the invite though I discovered that the venue… Continue reading Bluebells in Hackney