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Dragon’s Blood Range from Balance Active Formula

Dragon's Blood

Balance Active Formula has done it again with this new Dragon’s Blood range. They manage to capture some great active ingredients in their products as well as keeping their prices low with each of these products under £5!

I first discovered Balance Active Formula earlier this year when I reviewed the Skin Brightening Cream WashNow this new range has brought me just what I was looking for – a suite of products that lifts and firms my skin instantly as well as helping it to improve over time.

I just want to explain about Dragon’s Blood – no dragons were harmed in the manufacturing of these products.  Dragon’s Blood is a bright red plant resin that has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes amongst other things. So nothing scary to see here.

There are three products in the range. First up is the Lifting Cream a non greasy cream with Dragon’s Blood Extract and 3% Liftonin Express which helps your skin to look lifted and tightened. I found that it absorbs easily and has quite a matt effect. I used it on top of the Lifting Serum which also contains the same active ingredients. I find that layering the cream on top of serum means that the more powerful less dense product sinks directly into the skin and then is almost sealed in by the slightly heavier cream.

The Lifting Serum can be used all over the face and neck including the eyes but I only applied it to my face and neck as I had the Eye Lift Balm to use in this area. It smooths fine lines and has a cooling refreshing effect again with Dragon’s Blood and Liftonin Express.
As I said these products are great value with the cream and eye-lift at £3.99 each and the serum at £4.99. What’s even better though is that you can buy all three for £10.37 here right now.
My skin’s looking and feeling great at the moment and I’m putting it down to this lovely trio!
Have you tried anything from Balance Active?
These products were gifted to me for review.

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