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Mascara Magic?

I’ve been so busy working and posting and going to events that it’s been hard to keep up with all the great things I’ve been trialling and testing and this week, when I received a gorgeous newly launched mascara I realised that there were a couple of other mascaras that I haven’t reviewed for you and so I thought it was time to introduce you to three magic mascaras right now!

Falsh Lash Effect Velvet Volume Mascara5

So this is the one that’s just launched and got me thinking about how it was good old Max himself that brought the mascara wand to the market. This is the Max Factor False Lash Effect Volume Mascara is the latest addition to the False Lash Effect range. It combines the “lavish volume brush” with a mousse formula mascara to give full, dramatic and glamorous lashes that are velvety soft to the touch.

Regular readers will know that I have short stubby fair lashes and it takes a lot for a mascara to even make them visible – never mind looking full, dramatic and glamorous.

The key things they are aiming for are:

  • Volume – I found that this mascara did give me defined, visible lashes that you could definitely notice. I wouldn’t say that they look like falsh lashes but they did look good.
  • Separation – this aim was definitely achieved. There was definitely no clumping even though I put on a couple of coats to get the best effect.
  • Velvety soft finish – another big tick in the box for me. My lashes weren’t stiff and brittle. To the touch they felt as though I didn’t have mascara on – yet when I checked in the mirror my lashes were clearly visible.

This one is a keeper and at just £8.99 it’s a bargain too!


Next I need to tell you about the Laura Geller Dramalash Maximum Volumizing MascaraI discovered all about the Laura Geller brand at an event in a couple of months back – more here.

This one is a gel formula with a lash thickening effect that thickens each lash with no flaking or drying out. It has a soft over-sized brush that I did struggle with a bit. That’s the short stumpy lashes causing problems for me again! I found it hard to catch the under eye lashes with sich a thick brush. I think I’ve become used to thinner brushes or ones with a bobble bit on the end that catches the small lashes.

The formula contains spherical powders to enhance the thickness of the lashes and also nourishes with vitamin B5. The creamy formula is buildable so you can go as glam as you like!

This is towards the higher end on cost but the Laura Geller quality is there so it comes in at £19.00 here.

Scream & Pout2

Last in this trio of mascaras is one that I got back in the summer – it was part of my discovery of the Scream & Pout brand which is part of the Fake Bake stable.

Part of my love for the brand was the experience I had at the event – you can remind yourself about that here. Still I’m here today to concentrate on telling you about the mascara. This is the Scream & Pout Fake Me Up Mascara. This is a rich dark glossy mascara. It’s said to create the illusion of thicker fuller lashes. I’m afraid this one didn’t work for me, it made my lashes dark and glossy, I can’t lie, but it didn’t make them longer or thicker. I think this is the kind of mascara that’s great if you have great lashes already and you just want to make them black and glossy.

It’s also a great conditioning blend with panthenol, candelia and beeswax and the brush is great at catching every lash with its curved design. This is in the mid price range at £14.00 here.

A rich, dark glossy mascara that creates the illusion of a thicker, fuller lash.
A conditioning blend of Panthenol, Candelia and Beeswax glides easily on to lashes while tiny nylon fibres, grip, build and create length to lash. The specially
designed curved and tapered brush coats from root top tip. Its time to Fake Up!

So that’s my mascara news – I think it can be really hard to find the right blend of formula, price and brush style. I’m not sure that any of these are my absolute perfect choice – but a couple are pretty close!

What’s your favourite mascara currently?


These products were gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own. The post contains some affiliate links.







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