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Heaven Christmas Gift Set 2015

Gift Set2

I’ve been a little naughty -I opened my Christmas gift from Deborah Mitchell early. You see the thing is when things look this cute and you know that the products can do magic too then the pull is just too strong.

Here’s a list of what’s inside my Heaven Christmas Gift Set 2015 – just so you know – the cherub and the baubles aren’t part of the deal – they just snuck into the shot from my Christmas decorations stash!

30ml Bee Venom Mask
15ml Divine Cream
15ml Heavenly Eyes
15ml Clarifying Serum
120ml Peppermint Hydrogel
30ml Dream Body Wash
30ml Silk Skin BB Cream
SOS Emergency Kit
2 x 5ml Creams
3 x 10ml Products

All of these lovely pieces have been brought together to make a unique Gift Set costing £82.00 here. The Bee Venom Mask alone costs £55 so you know that you’re going to get some real value here.

What do they all do? Well the Bee Venom Mask is for help with fine lines, the Divine Cream to help with redness from the winter wind, Heavenly Eyes to give your eyes a lift, Clarifying Serum for even skintone and Peppermint Hydrogel to stimulate your skin leaving you feeling fresh. The Silk Skin BB Cream is a tinted moisturiser with hyaluronic acid and bee venom.

Then just to make sure your gorgeous make-up bag is absolutely rammed full there is the Emergency Kit to pop in your handbag for a night out and 5 good size samples from the stunning Heaven range.

I think that any woman would be thrilled to have this as a gift on Christmas day. I challenge you though to not want to keep it for yourself or at least steal one or two products to try. Is it just me or do you have that problem too – when you shop for Christmas gifts and choose things you want yourself and then don’t want to give them away?

I’ll be giving you a review of some of the individual items soon – I’ve already reviewed the Divine Cream here but I didn’t want to make you miss the chance to pick up this year’s gift set while you’re waiting for me to try out all the amazing products.

I’m certain that you’ll love this as much as I do!




3 thoughts on “Heaven Christmas Gift Set 2015”

  1. Isn’t Deborah just the most amazing person? I was totally overcome when me and Mark received our gifts. I told Mark he will have to write a review on EAB for me but he said I should do it, I’ll have to interview him methinks! XX


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