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Signature Facial at Premier Laser & Skin

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Just around the corner from Chinatown on Shaftesbury Avenue, yes that Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s theatreland is where the Soho branch of Premier Laser & Skin can be found. I was there this week to try out their services.

I think that I’m a bit of a nightmare client because when I’m invited to review a particular facial I always ask what it entails and then ask if it would be ok to meet with the doctor or practitioner before I decide what to have done.

This time I was invited to have the Skinbreeze Orbital Microdermabrasion which is a new and innovative skin resurfacing treatment offering ground-breaking results in crystal-free micro-dermabrasion. It combines orbital micro-dermabrasion with LED light therapy and O2 infusion to resurface, hydrate and leave skin looking fresher, smoother and less wrinkled.

Although this is a treatment that can be adapted to all skin types as it has 60 levels of micro-dermabrasion I decided that I didn’t want to have an abrasive treatment as I wanted to be able to go out  immediately  after my appointment and didn’t want to experience any redness at all.

The lovely Jelena talked me through all the options and was really understanding about my needs and concerns. I’d completed a form about my skin, health and what I wanted from the treatment and she was completely accommodating.

Even though I’d decided not to have anything too radical that day she was still happy to talk me through another procedure that sounded interesting so that I could consider it for the future. This is the Dermapen Micro Skin Needling treatment which is a form of collagen induction therapy where a series of needles penetrate the skin causing thousands of micro injuries at a vertical angle using a specialist medical device, for both faster and more precise needle penetration. The procedure leads to increased collagen production, which effectively repairs scars, reduces discoloration and renews tired looking skin.

I’m pretty convinced that this is what I need for the lines around my mouth but I’m not certain that I’m ready for it yet and it certainly wasn’t appropriate directly before an evening out.

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So while I we were having a chat about what was the best choice of treatment for me I was really impressed with the care that Jelena took. The treatment room was spotless and I really felt that I could have undergone a medical procedure there and been totally safe. She also instilled confidence in me as it was apparent that she was really knowledgeable, explaining the difference between cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical grade products for example. She also told me that she had tried every single treatment herself so that she would know exactly how they felt. I trusted her completely.

After careful thought I decided to have a Signature Facelift – this is a peel that’s customised to each individual. All products were by Image Skincare and are professional products which are solely sold by licensed aestheticians and physicians in spas, medical spas and physicians offices.

First Jelena used the Stem Cell Facial Cleanser, a  degreasing solution to remove oil,  to remove my make-up and cleanse. Next was the peel which consisted of 3 steps:

  1. A fruit enzyme peel containing pineapple and papya enzymes to dissolve the intercellular bonding.
  2. The ageless resurfacing masque which contains micro beads for exfoliation.
  3. A vitamin C hydrating enzyme masque with vitamins A and E to hydrate, heal and rejuvenate.

At each stage she explained what she was doing, explained what I could expect, and asked me if I felt any discomfort.

After the peel, the products were gently removed with water and then it was time to apply serums. She applied two, these were the Ageless Serum and the Intense Lightening Serum.

When it was all done, Jelena passed me the mirror so that I could reassure myself that there wasn’t any redness and I was so impressed! Not only was there no redness – not even pinkness  but my skin looked amazing! If I hadn’t been due to go to a beauty event and dinner right away I would have skipped reapplying foundation and believe me I neverdo that even if I’m staying at home all day. My skin was so clear and fresh. Brilliant!

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There are 8 Premier Clinics around the London area and you can find out more about them, the treatments, prices and the Premier ethos here.

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Have you tried out any facial treatments recently? How do they compare with my experience? I’d love to hear about them so do leave your comments below.




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