Dr PAWPAW – It does it all!


I’ve been a fan of the Dr. PAWPAW original balms for a while now. Reviewed here they are great for lips, nails, skin and hair. But now they have launched their first product specifically for hair! It’s another multi-purpose product aptly named It Does It All. It’s a 7 in 1 styling product with a really summery mango and coconut fragrance.

So – it’s good for heat protection, reducing split ends, detangling, leave-in treatment, reducing frizz, smoothing, blow dry styling, and adding shine! With a list of benefits that I long I just had to try it out.

I tried it over the weekend. I was a bit lazy about how I did my hair. I washed it and then gave it a good spritz of Dr.PAWPAW and combed it through but then left it to dry naturally. Normally that would guarantee that I’d have a whole load of frizz but it dried nicely into beachy waves with a nice sheen. The next day I thought that I should tidy it up a bit and used straighteners knowing the Dr. PAWPAW styling spray would protect it from the heat. Once I was done the ends were a bit fluffy so I sprayed some product into my palm, rubbed my hands together and then ran my fingers though the ends of my hair for a really smooth finish. Lovely!

If you’d like to give it a go it’s £12.99 for 150ml here.

Are you a Dr.PAWPAW fan?


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2 thoughts on “Dr PAWPAW – It does it all!”

  1. Great balms are a staple in my home! Love finding new ones that are healthy and work of course lol Great share 🙂 Happy to have found you on twitter! Angie (WhippedGreenGirl.com)


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