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Review – Superdrug Optimum PhytoSurvive

optimum phyto survive

Own brand skincare from high street retailers is often overlooked and I think there are a number of reasons for this. We like to have the aspirational brand names at the high end of the market if we can afford them – often equating high cost with high quality. Alot of the time that’s true but I’m sure we can all remember splashing out on a high end product only to be really disappointed.

Another reason is that often there isn’t a lot of marketing budget spent on own brands. They seem to think that stocking their brand next to the well know names will be enough. Of course there is one high street pharmacy chain that’s spent shed loads of money on really raising there own brand skin care game and I think that’s started to shift people’s views about the potential for high street skin care to deliver high end quality.

If you’ve been following following me for a while you’ll know that I’m no stranger to Superdrug’s own brand skin care (and you can read what I thought about the Superdrug Phyto Deluxe Day and Night Creams here). But recently I’ve been trialling the Superdrug Optimum PhytoSurvive Day Cream.

It’s key aims are skin revitalization, tone brightening, and optimum radiance – as someone who’s morning skin looks dull and grey I’m always up for trying something that brightens! It also takes care of all the things that working in the city does to your skin and claims to be anti stressing, nourishing, hydrating and to protect against environmental factors. It says it gives UVA/UVB protection but doesn’t give an SPF so I wouldn’t rely on that. Also intriguingly it contains PhytoSnow Algae. Now I didn’t have a clue what that is, and there’s no explanation on the website but a bit of Googling leads me to a lot of scientific gobbledygook which  I think means it’s a hydrating element of the product!

It also contains Pink Pomelo Extract (pomelo is a bit like a grapefruit apparently #more Googling) to smooth and refresh texture and clarify the skin tone. Lastly, it contains photo reflective particles for radiance – I like to think that they contribute to that blurring effect that I strive for.

I’ve found it to be a really easy to use formula that sinks in well and works well with my usual base products. I’ve had a few compliments recently on how my skin looks and I think that this multi protective day cream has played a part in that.

It comes in a 50ml pump container (hurrah! –  none of the contamination you get from having your cream in a pot) and is priced competitively at £12.99. Not only that there’s a buy 1 get 1 free offer on right now!


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