B. Strong Day & Night Creams

B. Strong Day & Night

A while back, just about the same time that people started talking about products that would be great for Christmas, I was sent the B. Strong Day & Night Creams to try. Now I've been trialling them for just over two weeks while I've been doing all the planning, all the shopping and going to… Continue reading B. Strong Day & Night

Verso skin care

Verso – Swedish Skincare Reviewed

You know how you often see someone reviewing skin care and wonder how they can give a proper view when you know they only got it the day before because they showed you their blogger mail on their Insta stories? Well, I often struggle with how long I should review products for as I want… Continue reading Verso – Swedish Skincare Reviewed

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Review – Superdrug Optimum PhytoSurvive

Own brand skincare from high street retailers is often overlooked and I think there are a number of reasons for this. We like to have the aspirational brand names at the high end of the market if we can afford them - often equating high cost with high quality. Alot of the time that's true… Continue reading Review – Superdrug Optimum PhytoSurvive

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Review – Superdrug Optimum Phytodeluxe Day & Night Creams

All through November and December I've been trying to catch up with my blog posts as there has been so much going on that I never quite seem to be on top of things. All the while I'd been discovering and trialling some amazing products and adding them to the list of things I wanted… Continue reading Review – Superdrug Optimum Phytodeluxe Day & Night Creams


Anti-Ageing Beauty Show Olympia 2015

Shows at Olympia are always buzzing with stuff to try, people to see and goodies to buy. This year's Anti-Ageing Show did not disappoint. On entering the press room I walked past a lady having her make-up touched up to talk to the Nu Skin representative and try out some of the products. Then I… Continue reading Anti-Ageing Beauty Show Olympia 2015


Empties – January to March 2015

I'm not really sure what happened to my regular blogging routine. Each month I used to finish with an empties post and then a recap of the most popular posts from the previous month. The next thing I know it's Easter and I haven't done an empties post since the December one. So the time has… Continue reading Empties – January to March 2015


Review – BRYT Skincare

BRYT SKINCARE is a brand that I had vaguely noticed in Waitrose. I'd never heard of anyone using it and never read any reviews until just recently when I was asked if I'd like to try it. What intrigued me most  was that the products contain superfruits and that made me think that they might… Continue reading Review – BRYT Skincare


Reviews – SkinPep Day & Night Creams

About 10 days ago I got a really lovely delivery from SkinPep. They're the nice people who agreed to collaborate with me on a giveaway. If you haven't already entered then there is still time here. As well as giving me the amasing giveaway prize they sent me some other goodies to try. I've been using… Continue reading Reviews – SkinPep Day & Night Creams