Review – Avon Anew Clinical Hydra Recovery Overnight Mask

Hydra Recovery3

It’s been a while since I used any Avon skincare products and I really don’t know why. I was a rep myself for several years and I learned then that when it comes to skincare Avon have produced amazing products that are often at the forefront of research and what’s more they really work.

So recently I became reacquainted with Avon skincare by trialling this Anew Clinical Hydra Recovery Overnight Mask. The mask is contained in a heavy weight glass jar with a high end look and feel. The mask itself is a clear gel with beads of shea butter suspended in it.

It’s an  ultra-light moisture mask  that you put on before bed and sleep in all night. This is so that a burst of hydration is delivered to your skin while its most receptive.

Hydra Recovery2

Directions are to apply a generous layer over your night cream or to cleansed skin and there’s no need to wash it off. Best results are achieved if you use three times a week.

Ingredients include encapsulated hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration and shea butter to replenish the skin’s protective layer.

The promise is that the mask will deeply penetrate your skin’s surface layers to increase moisture by 293% immediately and re-plump the slin’s moisture reserves.

The results for me were surprising. When I woke up I touched my skin and it didn’t feel like it had changed. I looked in the mirror and was disappointed. I couldn’t see any change at all. So I had breakfast and then went to put on my face for the day and when I’d applied my base I looked in the mirror and wow! My skin looked so smooth and plumped and that over-used word “dewy” and that was after just one application! I can’t really explain why the effects weren’t apparent before I applied make-up.

If you’d like to give the mask a try, it’s available here priced £15 and there’s currently an offer that gives you a gift set worth £33.50 included in the price. A great opportunity to try out some other Avon bestsellers. Time to reconsider Avon? I think so.


This post contains PR samples.



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