Blenders, Brushes or Both?

pamper therapy spongw

Now I’ve been applying make-up for a fair few years now – around 50 I guess and the majority of those I applied foundation with my fingers, and I’m pretty sure it looked just fine. But when I received this Pamper Therapy Flawless Finish Sponge it made me think about the journey I’ve been on over the years with applying make-up and whether any of them were better or worse.


Theses are a pretty reliable way to apply foundation. You always have then handy (excuse the pun) and they’re flexible and can reach into all the difficult areas. They can warm up the product a little too much but this can be a plus with some brands recommending that you apply with your fingers. There’s also no tricky cleaning sessions – you just wash your hands.


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that I didn’t start using brushes (apart from the odd one that came with a palette) until I was introduced to them by make up artist Danielle Everitt.

Since then I’ve always always applied my foundation with a brush and I’ve added to my collection with brushes from Make-Up Revolution, GOSH and Freedom. I’m not a make up artist or an expert of any kind but I seem to have got the hang of it and am pretty happy with the results.

Blush Brush


freedom palettes


There’s been a lot of coverage about beauty blenders recently. First about how they delivered perfect results and a flawless look and then a few scare stories about how they could be breeding grounds for bacteria. The latter I dismissed as something that can happen with anything that you don’t keep spotlessly clean including brushes, muslins, towels etc.

Then I got the chance to try the Pamper Therapy Flawless Finish Sponge. Camille’s first product the sponge was designed to address a specific problem:. She says: 

“It’s no secret that elliptical shaped beauty blenders help to achieve a much more polished coverage than the old fashioned, triangular shapes that were once popular. With my background in beauty therapy, I was seeing the benefits of this new sponge every day; however I thought that something was still missing. The Flawless Finish Makeup Sponge features the recognised teardrop shape, whilst also incorporating a solid flat edge into the design, along one side of the sponge. With this simple edit, the tool is given a whole new functionality, with users now able to layer foundation with ease, before using the rounded side to blend it to perfection.”

She says there are 6 good reasons to use the sponge:
  • The unique shape and superior quality makes this your new must-have makeup sponge blender.
  • Latex free and made from materials that are super soft and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
  • The new design allows for the full facial makeup look to be created using just one applicator.
  • Use with primers, mineral, powder, liquid foundations or any other complexion products for amazing looking skin.
  • Achieve an airbrushed natural finish in minutes with this easy-to-use makeup sponge blender.
  • Your new makeup bag must-have tool for those striving for the next big thing in makeup perfection.

You can buy it here priced £7.95.


Did it work for me? Yes. I managed to get a great flawless look. But, it did mean getting the sponge and my hands wet. The application to the skin using the prescribed rolling movement took a fair bit longer than a brush to cover my face. Then I was left with a wet sponge needing to be rinsed out and then I couldn’t really decide where to place it to dry off. So a good result but maybe not the slickest method.

So which is best? I’m sticking with my brushes for now, but can see that blenders and fingers still have there place. I’ve also remembered while I’ve been writing that I used a sponge years ago to apply Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish (this seems to be the most current version and it comes with a sponge provided). So I think what we can be sure of is that methods will come and go and some will evolve. You just need to choose the one you like best.


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2 thoughts on “Blenders, Brushes or Both?”

  1. I use all three: brushes, fingers, and sponges!! As you said, they all have their place!! I usually stick with brushes too, but sometimes I just love the look a beauty blender gives ❤ Great post!!


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