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This week was another busy one and it culminated in a visit to a make up masterclass focussing on the luxury organic beauty brand Ilia. Ilia is a multi-award winning brand founded in Canada by Sasha Plavsic. This prestige line of natural and organic products provides great colour pay off together with nourishing organics.

Ilia Workshop8

Ilia products are gluten free and up to 85% organic and they’re available at a number of retail outlets including Fenwicks and Fortnum & Mason as well as on line.

Recently I was invited to see the products up close and to try them out while we learned from beauty expert Nikki Taylor about the efficacy of the products and watched make-up artist Emma McRae  demonstrate how to apply them.

Ilia Workshop5

We were encouraged to identify the shades that suited us best and to use the face charts to record our favourites. I think I was too interested in what everyone else was doing – or maybe I was busy chatting (my usual downfall) –  as I came home with a blank sheet! Anyway, as my Dad used to say don’t do as I do – do as I say! A completed face chart will save you lots of time when you’re at the make-up counter and ready to buy!

Ilia Workshop3

We watched Emma apply a full face of products to the model. When she was done the model was glowing with a gorgeous Ilia make-up look . The products used were:

Ilia Workshop4

I found this really interesting. In general, I choose the make up I buy based on how it’s presented, whether it works for me (that I like the colours and that it stays on) and whether it contains ingredients that do my skin good and if I can afford it. I’m not someone who has to have green beauty but if it’s available and meets most of my criteria then it’ll be in the mix of options for me. Of course the other thing that influences me is when people that I trust recommend it.

Ilia Workshop6

So by the end of the session I was pretty taken with the products. I liked how they look and feel in their understated metal casing. The colours were great too. I was surprised how good the shades looked once they were applied to my skin and I was very much looking forward to testing them out at home and seeing how they last on me over a day at work for example.

goodie bag

I brought home four gorgeous products pictured above L to R:

All so beautiful! You’ll be seeing these in future posts I’m sure.

Do you love to buy organic and green beauty products? Have you tried Ilia? Do tell me what you think in the comments box below.


This post contains PR/Brand samples



2 thoughts on “Ilia – Organic Beauty”

  1. I love the ilia brand. I used to use it a lot when I worked in beauty. I still use their Nobody’s Baby lipstick for a nude lip. The multisticks are gorgeous too, enjoy! 🙂


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