I learned how to wash my hair!


When I attended a blogger event for Swell recently I was expecting to learn all about the award-winning brand and its founders Andrew Bidwell and Jonathan Stallick but I wasn’t expecting to learn something really fundamental that works and that is how to wash my hair!

Andrew Bidwell (the hairdresser behind the brand) started by explaining some of the mistakes that we all make when cleansing and caring for our hair (whether it’s fine or not). He told us the usual routine is that people pour a whole heap of shampoo into their hands and apply it to the roots, lengths and ends of the hair. His big message is that no one needs to wash the ends of their hair. You should concentrate on cleansing the roots and then the rinsing away of the product from the roots will be enough to cleanse the lengths and ends of the hair!

He went onto explain the best method for washing is to start with applying shampoo to the roots at the lower part of the back of your head by bringing your hands upwards from the back of the neck and massaging it into the roots. You should then apply shampoo to the next section of the back of your head bringing your hands in from the side of your head and lifting up the section at the roots and massaging in the shampoo. Carry on applying section by section till you reach the top of your head and all the roots are covered and then rinse away.

With the conditioner, it’s the opposite. You generally don’t need to apply conditioner to the roots only the ends and lengths. If you happen to be one of those people who have a need for a bit of conditioning at the roots because you have frizz then Andrew advises that you use the tiniest amount at the last minute and only leave it on for seconds before rinsing it away.

Now, of course, I’m going to tell you all about the brand and its efficacy in this post but I just wanted to say that simple though this instruction is it’s the overriding takeaway message from the event for me – and I’ve tried it now and it works – brilliant!

Goodie bag

So now to the Swell Hair Care brand developed by the founders Jonathan Stallick, leading homeopath and top London hairdresser Andrew Bidwell to address the problems people face with fine limp hair. They found that whilst there were plenty of styling products available there was little that provided long term results and even less availability of products that achieve this naturally.

So at Swell they’ve developed a volume hair care system that uses a blend of botanical extracts to provide a 3 step system:

The 3 step system creates stronger healthier hair over time. It cleans the hair of silicone build up and ensures it receives the nourishment it needs. It optimises existing hair from day one and then treats the roots to help hair to grow stronger and healthier.


Key features are:

  • adds immediate volume
  • enhanced with 18 active botanicals to combat hormones that cause hair to thin and encouraging hair growth
  • reduces hair loss meaning up to 50% less shedding
  • three hero ingredients Peruvian maca, blue lupin extract and Swiss apple stem extract stimulate growth, improve strength and reduce hair loss
  • stimulates hair follicles to improve growth by 93%
  • reduced static
  • increased colour-fastness
  • superior detangling

I’ve not tried out these products yet and I’ll be passing them to a friend to trial (she has really fine hair). The 3 step starter kit (contents pictured above) is available priced £23.50  which gives you the chance to make sure it’s right for you before investing in the full sizes.

Swell Serum and Dry Shampoo

There are further products in the range here and I’ll be trying out the Ultimate Protect and Renew Serum developed to banish frizz and to give hair sleek, hydrated look and the Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo which promises to brings 24-hour freshness and body to all hair types and reporting back. If you can’t wait to try all the products yourself then here’s where to find them.

Have you got any haircare hints and tips to share? Comment below – it’s never too late to learn!



This post contains PR samples.





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