How much is my face worth?

In all the time I’ve been blogging I’ve never got round to the “How much is my face worth?” post – there just doesn’t seem to have been time. Now when it’s much too hot to be out shopping and I’ve got a few hours to myself it feels like the perfect time to sit down and consider this theme. I’m only covering make-up and not skin care or brushes and I haven’t deliberately chosen high end or high street brands – just the things I reach for on a normal day that suit my mood. I’ve noted the RRP for each product – some products may be on offer and a number of them were gifted to me so that’s why I’ve talked about worth rather than cost.

The products

Foundation: La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur Shade Fair/Light £16.00

Bronzer: Hoola from the Benefit Cheekathon palette £ 44.50

Highlighter: Freedom Pro Highlight in Ambient £3.00

Brows: Sleek Makeup Brow Stylist in Light £6.49

Lids: Urban Decay Anti-Ageing Primer Potion £18.00

Eye Shadow: Make Up Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette £9.99

Lip liner: Nyx Mechanical Lip Pencil in Natural £5.50

Lipstick: Burberry Kisses in Nude Pink £25.00

Total worth: £148.48

Here’s a snap of how it looks when it’s on – you may not think it’s worth the best part of £150 to look like this – but I can tell you that I planned to post a before picture too and am just not confident enough – so I guess what I’m saying is that if £150 is the price of confidence then I’m up for that!

Have a great week everyone!


This post contains PR samples and affiliate links

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