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Pixiwoo DVD & Book Reviews


If you’re a regular on Strand On Beauty you’ll have read my gift guide here and picked up my recommendation for the Pixiwoo Presents Hollywood Icons gift set. What you won’t know is that I’ve got more to share with you from Sam & Nic Chapman as I’ve also laid my hands on a copy of their book FACE!


Now, the dilemma I have is that with all the time I spend on social media and doing the day job to pay the bills I just don’t seem to have time to watch DVDs or read but I was so curious to look at these because they’ve been created by two women that have really achieved so much across beauty, make up artistry, and social media and on top of that they’re genuine and fun nature shines through everything.

I’ve been aware of Pixiwoo as a phenomenon ever since I started to occupy my very small space on social media almost 3 years ago – it’s hard to ignore how much they’ve achieved – their You Tube channel has in excess of 2 million followers for example. That’s no flook, that’s because they know their stuff. Still, I hadn’t experienced their influence up close and personal until a couple of weeks back when I was invited to the launch party for their DVD.


It was clear from all around them that they’re well liked and loved, and were surrounded by their family, peers and fans. The event gave me the first chance to see some glitzy and glamorous shots from their DVD projected onto the walls, showing the  Hollywood Icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor larger than life. I wasn’t sure right then though that the DVD would be something that would translate into something relevant for today’s beauty looks and thought it might just be a bit of an indulgence from Sam and Nic – travelling to LA and getting to play Hollywood dress up….


So, here I am having just finished watching it all the way through – wait, did you get that? I didn’t, check my phone, or press pause to make a coffee. I was hooked right in and I think that’s because they’ve found the right mix of beautiful photography, girly chat, movie and make-up rumour and legend all mixed up with tips and tricks that you can try right away. It’s given  me that feel good factor you have after a gossipy chat and a glass of wine on a shopping trip with a best friend. What’s even better is that the set comes with an exclusive art-deco style blush brush from Real Techniques – it’s the softest (and most glamorous brush I own! All this is available for £12.99 here.


And that’s not where it ends – the sisters’ book FACE has been quietly sitting on my coffee table all unassuming and chic. Not shouting for attention but just waiting patiently for me to open it up and drink in all the information, all the experience, all the stunning photographs that beautifully showcase what is all at once, a source of inspiration, a work of art and a reference book. It also has it’s own app so that you can access exclusive digital content.


So whilst it’s a showcase for Sam & Nic’s personalities and expertise it also sends strong messages that you can do or be what ever you want to be if you try. It’s available here and for £9.99 (RRP £20) and I think you get a little more than a book as it’s a little bit of Pixiwoo magic worked on paper. So I’ll admit it I’ve fallen under the Pixiwoo spell – and I’m hoping that a little of their magic will rub off on me too!



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  1. Love the design on brush handle & that is one of my fav blush brushes (sooo good & looks just as new after 4 years in use).
    Sam & Nick are really great & their videos are so good

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