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Discovering Naobay (Natural And Organic Beauty And You)


In the midst of all the Christmas madness attending events, writing Christmas gift guides and planning my own Christmas I came across this brand NAOBAY that’s made in Valencia. It’s a world away from all the over hyped glitzy and glamorous brand and quite frankly a breath of fresh air.

I should be honest, I’m always a bit torn between trying natural and organic brands because I love the ethics but I’m sometimes a bit underwhelmed with how they look on the shelf. Yes, I know I’m shallow. Well, things turned out differently this time around. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t here’s the link) you’ll have seen my reaction to unboxing my NAOBAY Extra Rich Nourishing Cream and Brightening Facial Milk Scrub. I did actually comment out loud even though I live on my own – goodness knows what my neighbours think!

I actually said WOW when I took these Naobay natural and organic products out of the box – how amazing is the wood packaging??? Can’t wait to try these two! Extra Rich Nourishing Cream and Brightening Facial Milk Scrub!

The outer packaging gives no hint of what’s inside – hence my surprise. Each piece is unique and the packaging uses real wood! Every container comes from either recycled or recyclable materials from sustainable sources to ensure minimum environmental impact.

Still, this is a beauty blog, so I need to tell you about the products themselves. First I tried the Extra Rich Nourishing Cream. This cream is designed for dry and dehydrated skin and as my skin is combination I didn’t use it during the day but as my night cream. It’s rich in organic nutrients to intensively hydrate and to improve elasticity. It contains essential fatty acids contained in organic avocado and olive oils which also give the cream anti-aging benefits. I’ve really enjoyed using it and haven’t found it to be greasy only – it leaves my skin feeling luxuriously plumped each morning.

Then I tried the Brightening Facial Milk Scrub. I’m a little bit wary of scrubs and peels. I’m never certain that putting something scratchy on your skin and making it look pink can be good for you so I put off trying this out for a good few days. I shouldn’t have worried – it’s very gentle – and yes I could feel the particles from the Acai palm tree but they weren’t tightly packed into the formula and there was a good balance between these and the soothing, replenishing, and moisturising blend that contains olive oil, sweet almond oil, and Gotu Kola Extract. There was no redness at all and instead just a luminosity that wasn’t there before. I’ve been using it about once a week and found that it really brightens my skin and leaves it feeling so smooth and soft. Ready to face the world and all those Christmas parties!


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