Just brows-ing!

So I’ve been looking at a couple more products that just might make my brows look better and be easy to manage. First up is the Hollywood Browzer which is a new compact beauty tool that you can use to shape your eyebrows and remove unwanted hair instantly.


You can use it anywhere not just your brows – and I tried it out a little on my face where the odd bit of peach fuzz was more noticeable than I would have liked when wearing foundation or powder. It also exfoliates the skin and makes it smoother which allows your skincare to be absorbed better.

It’s really handy and easy to use as you don’t need any soap, water, wax, or batteries – you just use it on clean dry skin wherever you want. In fact I found it really addictive as I love how smooth by brows look and it’s really quick.

I do have to say though that of course there’s regrowth in the same way as if you any shaving products and unless you have fair brows like me then the regrowth will show quite quickly and you’ll need to keep using the browzer. Not a problem but just a fact.

Cost wise they’re quite reasonable and are two for £15 here. Each should last around 3 months so that’s  6 months of beautiful brows for your money.

Now I told you I’d been trying out a couple of products so here’s the second. It’s the Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch & Shape.


I’ve tried this kind of twist up pencil and brush combo from a number of brands over time and this one isn’t half bad. Most people have pointed our it’s close resemblance to the Soap & Glory version and I have to say that didn’t cross my mind until I starting to use the MUR product. Comparing the two came up with both positives and negatives for the MUR product.

It’s easy to use and there’s no sharpening necessary for the pencil which is quite fine and exactly the right shade (I chose fair) as it’s not too red or too ash. At the felt tip end I was so disappointed as the formula was so watery and it just would not apply to any area that already had foundation. Then I cast my mind back to when I used the S&G product and remembered that whilst it was great to begin with after only a short amount of use it just stopped working – so it ran or dried out. So the felt tip end was just a waste of space on both products. If you add in the fact that the MUR product is just £3.50 here and the Soap and Glory product is £10 then I think I have to declare MUR to be the winner.

So those are my discoveries on brows for now. I still feel that I haven’t quite nailed it but I’ll keep looking and update you.

What are you top brow finds? Do share!


This post contains PR samples and affiliate links.


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