My Mother’s Day Wishlist

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Each year since I’ve been blogging I’ve written wish lists and made recommendations about beauty products that Mums might like to receive on Mother’s Day. To be honest I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable about writing them for a number of reasons (will brands think I’m begging for freebies, will my daughter think that she needs to buy me things to make me happy for example) and as I started to plan what I might write this year I reflected on what really matters to me.

Back when my daughter was small there was always a Mother’s Day service at the church local to her school. We’d all be invited and the children would sing a song called Supermum very loudly and very proudly too. As we left we’d be presented with a few daffodils that each child had been given to lovingly wrap up in a piece of tin foil. The flowers would often be crushed  and wilted by the time we got home but that didn’t matter to me – those small gestures made me feel so special as a Mum.

Over the years, I’ve been cherished and pampered and been given the most delightful presents and I’ve loved them all but it’s the time we spend together that’s important to me. So this Mother’s Day I’m not writing down a list of my favourite beauty products for you to buy for your Mum. I know that some of you don’t have your Mums with you anymore and will spend time thinking of them on Mother’s Day. (Just thinking about mine now has made me shed a tear) For those that still have time – think about making special memories with them. They’ll last long after the material things are gone.



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