Make Up Revolution The One Highlight Stick
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Why I blog about what the hell I like! And a review of Makeup Revolution’s The ONE Highlight Contour Stick

Makeup Revolution Highlight Contour Stick

This week I’m on leave from my day job and have more time to post about the make-up and skincare that I love. I try to change things up a bit with make-up, skincare and the odd lifestyle or travel post thrown in and this seems to work for me and I hope for you too.

Earlier today a conversation with a fellow blogger made me reflect on whether my content was relevant to my audience – we noted that as older bloggers in the main we were asked to review products aimed at older women. I thought I should check that I hadn’t got my audience wrong – maybe the brands knew better than me?

So I took a look at my Twitter demographics and found that 73% of my followers are under 34 and less than 3% are over 55 so that’s really underlined to me that I don’t need to feel compelled to write about products and brands that are aimed at my own demographic. Of course, this doesn’t mean I shouldn’t continue to champion the needs of older women but it does free me up to try out, and write about what the hell I like!

Make Up Revolution Highlight Contour Stick

Anyway, now I’ve put that question to bed I can let you have my thoughts on this lovely stick of wonder from Makeup Revolution. It’s The One Highlight Contour Stick that I got in my goody bag when I was at the Makeup Revolution party last month. (There I go again, not conforming to my demographic stereotype and going out partying after dark!)

There’s been too much talk about this brand and dupes – so all I’ll say is that I’m team Makeup Revolution on this point. Dupes are ok by me – fakes are not! For me, this highlighting contour stick stands up as a product in its own right. I don’t need to check if it’s a dupe of another brand. I just need to know that it does the job I bought it to do!

Highlight Contour Stick4

I must say that I seem to have a few too many highlighters – but wait – can you have too many? I think possibly not – and this one is such a handy all-rounder to have in your bag. I tend to only highlight my cheekbones and find that this beauty suits me best when I apply it straight from the stick and don’t blend. Yes, I know blending is compulsory but I’ve found that if I blend this with my fingers or apply it with a brush then it breaks down a little and takes on a glittery effect. That’s ok for the evening but for the day I prefer to avoid a glittery look – but that’s just my preference.

Makeup Revolution #revoholic

The shade is perfect for me with its pale gold tone but I think that it would be good to add a few more shades that suit darker skin tones.

Any thoughts about the highlighter? Or whether I should change what I write about on my blog? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.


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6 thoughts on “Why I blog about what the hell I like! And a review of Makeup Revolution’s The ONE Highlight Contour Stick”

  1. I love this highlighter and in all seriousness, I think you should write about what you want when you want regardless of ‘demographics’, how someone can decide what type of make up a or even older should or would wear is neither here nor there. I have volunteers in my office of all ages and not one of them can be determined by highlighter type… some wear bronzer, some blush, some are still stuck in the 70’s… Each to their own and do your thing for you and enjoy it x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a bit of a light hearted rant really which followed on from a chat about being selected for a campaign because of our demographic rather than the popularity of our blog. It just so happened that I was about to review the MUR highlighter so it wasn’t really linked. Although I rather suspect that I wouldn’t be selected to represent the brand in a video. Anyway thanks for reading and commenting. Have a great Easter break too x


  2. Just write about what you love & there is always someone who wants to read it! I don’t mind dupes but I’m scared of fakes (who knows what’s inside)! That highlighter stick looks great πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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