Cuccio Nail Colour All Tied Up

Got the spring blues?

Cuccio Nail Colour All Tied Up

You feeling like I’m feeling? It’s Spring and the Easter Bunny’s about to arrive and the sun is peeping out from behind the clouds but it’s not as spring like as you’d like it to be? Well it’s that feeling that sent me on a rummage to pick out a spring like nail colour to lighten the mood and trick myself into some happy blue-sky thinking!

All Tide Up

So the shade that I chose is Cuccio Colour in All Tide Up. As you can see I could have done with a manicure first and probably some lessons in applying the colour too but still I love this shade! It’s not sky blue as you’ll have guessed from the name but a sea blue that has a classy hint of grey to it. It makes me think of summer holidays which is exactly the kind of head space I want to be in!

All Tide Up2

I’ve got into the habit of always applying base coat/treatment on my nails first and this time I’ve used Everglaze Prep followed by two coats of polish. The brush is broad and so it’s easy to apply with one main stroke down the middle of the nail and then a stroke on each side to fill in the gaps. I allow each coat to dry for as long as my patience lasts. The longer you can wait the better. And then I finished off with China Glaze No Chip Top Coat. Love it!

What’s more in researching the best place for you all to buy the brands mentioned in this post I’ve discovered Nail Polish Direct. I haven’t tried out the service yet myself but I’m just so impressed with the choice of brands and such great prices. If you have any experience of the site/service that you can share with me and other readers then please do let me know in the comments below.

Enjoy your spring break everyone!


This post contains PR samples.


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