Verso skin care

Verso – Swedish Skincare Reviewed

Verso skin care

You know how you often see someone reviewing skin care and wonder how they can give a proper view when you know they only got it the day before because they showed you their blogger mail on their Insta stories? Well, I often struggle with how long I should review products for as I want it to be a balance between bringing my readers something new and being able to provide them with really helpful information. Still, in the main, I trial for a couple of weeks but I make sure that I mention this in the review and then return to the post to add in any further info later if necessary.

This time though my process was a little different, I tried out the products together for 2 weeks solid, then stopped using them for a few weeks, and then started reintroducing them individually over a period of a few more weeks.  So, I started trying them out at the end of January and am still using them now almost 3 months later.

I wanted to share this with you because I think it’s important to be transparent and also to note that the brand itself recognises that full results of using the products won’t be gained until after a couple of months of use. If you have any questions at all about my experience please do shout up so that can I give you the best information based on my own experience.

Verso Skin Care


Lars Fredriksson is the man behind Verso Skincare and is the developer of Retinol 8. Many of you will know about ordinary Retinol and it’s efficacy in anti-aging skin care products. It does have the potential to irritate the skin and so I’m always wary of this. I just cannot believe that something that makes my skin red and peeling is doing me good. That may not be what skin care experts believe but I’m not one and I’m just giving you a personal opinion here.

With Retinol 8 things are different it contains a Vitamin A acid derivative that is 8 times more potent than traditional retinol that is also gentle for the skin. It promises to have a rejuvenating effect on the skin by making skin cells mimic how younger cells behave. It is said to stimulate collagen production and increase nourishment to the skin leading to improved skin elasticity, more even skin tone and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Verso skincare unboxed

There are 10 products in the range and here are my thoughts on the five products I tried:


This is a gentle cleanser for daily use. It will remove light make up and it’s recommended that you use this product before using other Verso products. As I always double cleanse I removed my make up with a balm or oil cleanser first and then used this for a second cleanse. It doesn’t foam easily with the hard water in London but I was happy to apply it to a damp muslin cloth and it worked really well with a rinse afterwards again with the muslin cloth. If you really need it to foam then I’d suggest using something like the DHC mesh which makes it foam brilliantly so that you can apply it direct to your face with your hands.  The cleanser can be found here priced £32.


This day cream contains Retinol 8 complex and brings with it all the benefits that I described in the introduction to the brand above. The addition of Vitamin B3 increases skin luminosity and sun filters help to protect the skin. It should be used in the morning as its name suggests and preferably combined with the serum and eye serum.

Despite all I’ve said above about using Verso products long-term to see any effects it appeared to me that my skin looked instantly refreshed and smoothed. (And I promise I hadn’t been drinking wine!) I used it with the serum (3) but I don’t have the eye cream so I can’t comment on that. The day cream is here priced £90.


This serum aims to heal and strengthen and has a high dose of Retinol 8 complex for maximum transformational effect. Skin is intended to look brighter, more illuminated with improved texture and a reduction in pigmentation and wrinkles. This combination of day cream and serum worked well for me although after about 2 weeks I noticed a slight pinkness to my nose to mouth lines.  I’ve found this sometimes happens to me when I use more potent products and I think this may be because the product gathers in the deep lines and is more concentrated. Still, as I referred to previously, I don’t like to irritate my skin unnecessarily and so I stopped using Verso products for a couple of weeks so that I could identify what was causing this. The pinkness went away, and I reintroduced the products back into my routine and haven’t had any issue since. So either the effect wasn’t linked or it was a transitional phase while my skin got used to the products. My advice as always would be to take advice from skin care experts as to what your skin type needs and of course to do what you feel is right for your skin. You can find this super charged serum here priced £100.

Verso Skin care

Money saving tip: If you don’t feel quite ready to commit to the full sizes then you could try out the VERSO Super Serum Series in a limited edition box which has 30ml super facial serum and 30ml eye serum together with a 15ml day cream Worth £202 for £136.00. Or even more thrifty is the travel kit for £42 here.


This is the Verso product I fell in love with the most. It’s anti-aging, softening and plumping and helps to reduce the appearance of minor dark spots as well as fine lines. It also contains hyaluronic acid and peptides for hydration and plumping. It goes on like a clear lip gloss so I tend to put it on a bed time rather than use it in the day. That way when I apply my lip colour in the morning I have smooth lips ready to go! It’s £55 here.


Finally, there’s the hand serum. I swear that this is the area that gives away your age most readily and is the most neglected when it comes to protection from the sun. The retinol rich formula corrects and protects and has UV filters too. I found that it melts in easily and I love that it lessens the visibility of dark spots too. Definitely one to apply each day and keep in your bag but a little too precious to share with my work mates. It’s £50 here.

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for Nordic design and lifestyle. I spent a year in Copenhagen when I was 20 and then over 3 years working for a Swedish family in my late 20s so it’s a culture that I love. The design of the products fits in with the cool vibe I’ve come to expect so this added to the pleasure I got from using the beauty products.

Have you seen or tried any Verso products? Do you like Swedish/Nordic things? Did you get involved with the hygge trend last winter? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below or on my social media platforms.


This post contains PR samples.





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  1. I love the packaging (so simple yet classy) & whole brand sounds great. I never used anything with retinol (or derivates) so far but I’ll keep them in mind (mini sizes look great)

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