Summer Glow with Rimmel London

Get your summer glow on!

Living in London and not having copious funds for travel are just two reasons that you might feel the need to reach out for some of these products from Rimmel London to give you  summer glow. I mean even when it’s sunny in the UK we often send more time indoors than we’d like and so even if you’ve been away and caught the sun that post holiday glow can soon fade.

Summer Glow with Rimmel London

Rimmel is one of those fail safe brands that’s always there and I think that sometimes means we take our eye off what’s going on with them. They’re constantly launching new products as well as delivering our favourites to a consistently high standard. What I love about these few pieces I’ve picked out is that they’re all easy to apply to give you a glow without looking over made-up.

Rimmel Radiance Brick

Newly launched is the Rimmel London Radiance Brick (pictured is Shade 002) is a multi tonal bronzing powder. It has a soft shimmer so is great for all over application to the face or you can pick out the individual shades to highlight or sculpt if you like. It looks so pretty in its own right and is such a bargain at £5.99 and there’s a special offer on right now here.

Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette

The Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette is a really handy colour combination that’s small enough to take with you on a night out but the pans are big enough to swipe a brush across due to the clever lay-out. It contains highlight, contour and blush shades – this one is Shade 002 Coral Glow and for those who need a bit of help with what to apply where it comes with a colour-coded picture on the back. Apply as gently or as boldly as the mood takes you! This one comes in at £6.99 but again is currently on offer here.

Rimmel London Inst Duo Contour Stick

Also newly launched as part of the Rimmel Insta Collection is this Rimmel London Insta Duo Contour Stick. If you prefer a little more control and precision then this double ended stick provides a cream formula that you can stroke on like a lipstick. It’s really handy for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and your cupid’s bow while you’re on the go as it easily slips into your bag. It comes in 3 shades light, medium and dark that will blend for a wide range of skin tones. Pictured is light and again it comes in at £6.99 with – you’ve guessed it an offer here!

RImmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan

I’ve admitted several times that I’m the worst with fake tan and have long since stopped using it for fear of being orange and patchy and having to wear jeans and socks to cover legs and feet in the sweltering heat. Well this Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Instant Tan could be the product I need on that odd night out when my legs are pasty and I don’t want to wear tights. I say could because I haven’t quite plucked up the courage to use it on an  evening out yet. It seems to have all the features that I need in a tanning product. It’s instant and water and transfer resistant – lasting up to 24 hours but is washable with soap and water. It comes in matte and shimmer versions and light medium and dark shades. I’ve tried it the matte version in medium on my arms to test shade and application and it blends easily and dries fast. I’m just a little concerned about it potentially transferring or streaking if I get overheated. If anyone has any feedback on use to share I’ll pass it on. Again £6.99 with a current offer here.

I reckon that his little lot could keep you gently glowing all winter for little more than the cost of one high-end product. What do you think?


This post contains brand samples and affiliate links. Use of affiliate links to make purchases is cost-free to the user but earns me a small fee that helps to support my blog.

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