B. Strong Day & Night Creams

B. Strong Day & Night

A while back, just about the same time that people started talking about products that would be great for Christmas, I was sent the B. Strong Day & Night Creams to try. Now I’ve been trialling them for just over two weeks while I’ve been doing all the planning, all the shopping and going to work too and haven’t really thought much about them because well Christmas is what it’s all about right now isn’t it? Well yes and no. I mean to do all the stuff you have to do you have to keep fit and healthy and I figured that it’s the same for skin. These two creams have just been quietly going about their business and making my skin look great!

B. Strong day and night creams

B. Strong Day & Night Creams are Superdrug’s dedicated skin care for women over 60. The B skincare collection started off with a four phase range that included skincare for the 50+ age range and now they’ve taken one more step to phase 5 with this B. Strong range. Its USP is that it’s been designed to improve skin density after 8 weeks use. They are in pretty solid glass jars which I like. The day cream is in the white container and the night is in blue. A similarly aged blogger friend said that she was glad about that as she couldn’t read the writing without her glasses and the colour helped her to tell them apart!

Now I can’t tell you whether 8 weeks of use will redensify my skin (and to be fair I’m not certain it’s “undensified”) as I’ve a few more weeks to go but I think these rate really well against some of the more expensive products I’ve trialled and my skin is definitely plumped and soft. They retail at £14.99 each I’m thinking that if you’re about my age and you think your skin deserves a little treat then these will probably tick all the boxes and not break the bank if things are tight over Christmas.

Hope your run up to Christmas or holiday break is going well and that you manage to shake off any lingering colds or flu in time for the festivities.


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2 thoughts on “B. Strong Day & Night”

  1. Hi Patricia The B. brand is available from Superdrug https://www.superdrug.com Have just checked there and can’t currently see any of the products for over 60s but it may be worth checking in store although the range may have changed since I wrote the article in 2017 Thanks for visiting Strand On Beauty


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