Caudalie The Serum

Caudalie Premier Cru – The Serum

Caudalie is a brand that can do no wrong in my eyes. The Premier Cru collection uses all the Caudalie patents with the most effective anti-ageing ingredients used at optimum concentrations. You will have previously seen my review of Premier Cru The Eye Cream here and the range also includes Premier Cru The Cream and Premier Cru The Rich Cream. Now, following 5 years of research with a genetics professor, Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School, Caudalie has added to its range with its latest breakthrough in slowing the ageing process – Premier Cru The Serum.

Caudalie The Serum

The Serum uses an innovative technology called Vinergy that combines Caudalie’s Resveratrol and Betaine to help restore cellular energy metabolism. This helps the skin to fight signs of aging but more exciting still it increases the effectiveness of anti-aging creams. For example the Premier Cru Cream becomes 7 x more effective when used with the Premier Cru Serum.

This  is a  luxurious, gel-like serum that promises to make your skin appear younger, more radiant and revitalised. Key features are:

  • Restores cellular energy
  • Boosts the effectiveness of your skincare
  • Tackles deep wrinkles, dark spots, firmness

Key Ingredients are:

  • VINERGY® – energy activator, boosts effectiveness
  • RESVERATROL + MICRO HYALURONIC ACID  – firming, anti-wrinkles
  • VINIFERINE  – radiance, anti-dark spots
  • POLYPHENOLS  – anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle
  • MACRO HYALURONIC ACID – moisturises, plumps skin
  • VINOLEVURE®  – moisturises, fortifies
  • WHITE PEONY  boosts radiance, luminates, evens complexion

Caudalie Premier Cru

I’ve been trialling this along with trial sizes of The Eye Cream and The Cream for 3 weeks. Even though I’ve had a week of illness and the weather has been harsh I’m really pleased with the texture and clarity of my skin. It feels velvety to the touch and products are  comforting when applied. I’ll continue to use the serum along with other brands of moisturiser and will be interested to assess whether the serum continues to work as well with other products.  It’s an investment at a hefty £90 here. I think the true test will come when the bottle is empty and I need to purchase more. Let’s hope for the sake of my bank balance that I’m not addicted by then!


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