Clarins Lovely Rose shade card

My new palettes

No matter how many eye shadow palettes I have squeezed into my makeup drawers I’m always excited to try more. So when a very generous goody bag from a Dave Lackie dinner contained two new high-end palettes I just didn’t know which to try first. One was a teeny-tiny nude-toned mini palette from Dior and the other a super glam red velvet encased shiny silver rosy pink toned palette from Clarins. So different yet both so special!

Clarins and Dior Palettes

Now even though this DIOR 5 Couleurs Colours & Effects Eyeshadow Palette in Undress is just a mini version it’s perfectly formed and I’ve been able to experience the full glory of this palette in miniature. 5 Couleurs palettes have strong pigments and rich effects with a variety of textures in one place. This means that you can create a variety of looks. The full-size product has foam applicators, liner applicator and long eye shadow brush and is priced from £40.50 here.

Dior mini eye shadow paletteDior Mini Palette Swatches

The Clarins 4-Colour Eye Palette in Lovely Rose is such an aesthetically pleasing palette – it feels weighty and indulgent – just what you need from a high-end palette. The eye shadows are textured, apply really easily and last well. I tend to use just one or two shades at a time but what’s also nice about this palette is that it comes with a card showing you one way to wear the shades – which I think is helpful even for seasoned pros as it’s a way for the brand to let you know the vibe that they had in mind when the put the shades together. There are 6 colour ways here priced £29.90.

Clarins Palette in Lovely RoseClarins Lovely Rose shade cardClarins Rosy Palette swatched

I’ve included some swatches in this post as I know you like to see how shades apply. I’ve uses just one finger swipe with no primer for these photos and no flash. So I hope that you can get an idea of how pretty the shades are.

Do tell me if you’ve got any new palettes recently – they don’t need to be new releases – sometimes you stumble across something so good that you’ve never come across before that’s really worth sharing – don’t you?


This post contains gifted samples and affiliate links.


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