Clarins Lovely Rose shade card

My new palettes

No matter how many eye shadow palettes I have squeezed into my makeup drawers I'm always excited to try more. So when a very generous goody bag from a Dave Lackie dinner contained two new high-end palettes I just didn't know which to try first. One was a teeny-tiny nude-toned mini palette from Dior and… Continue reading My new palettes

Revoution 4th Birthday Neon Palettes

The Revolution Continues….

Can you believe it's been four years since the Revolution started? I know it has because just last month I went to the 4th Birthday Party for the re-branded Revolution Beauty London. Adam Minto is rightly exceptionally proud of his business but what makes the brand so relatable is that Adam isn't just proud of… Continue reading The Revolution Continues….

Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Rose No10

Burberry Complete Eye Palette

I was just about to tell you the reason I was so happy to win this Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Rose Pink No.10 palette - it's because I have a matching Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Nude Pink No.05 I bought it way back in May 2015 after I tried a sample and fell in love… Continue reading Burberry Complete Eye Palette

Lip Kit in Reign

Makeup Revolution – the new and the necessary!

It's a pretty tough job keeping up with Makeup Revolution releases as it seems like there are new products every week - it's such a fast-paced business. So just recently I paid a visit to the Revolution Beauty site to seek out some of the most recent releases and also to catch up with some… Continue reading Makeup Revolution – the new and the necessary!

Lumidrops Rose Gold

Nordic Magic: GOSH Copenhagen’s AW17 Launches

So we've hit the time of year when all thoughts turn to autumn and GOSH has just launched its Autumn/Winter additions to the range. I really think it's a good mix of new products, new shades and new ideas that keeps on delivering for this Danish brand. Let's take a look! First to catch my… Continue reading Nordic Magic: GOSH Copenhagen’s AW17 Launches


Shaking it up again with Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara

The Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara is a "breakthrough shakeable mascara for beautiful clump-free volume". Rimmel have produced this shaker system to address the problem of mascara clumping as it starts to dry out. The formula contains flexible fibres for volumised and separated lashes. To make sure that you get the best performance you need to… Continue reading Shaking it up again with Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara


[AD – Gifted & Affiliate Links] My Beauty Expert Haul

I've been a fan of Beauty Expert for almost as long as I've been a blogger. It's been one of those places where I've found the products I love and need at reasonable prices. I've discovered new brands there that I hadn't previously heard of and have never been disappointed with what I've chosen. As… Continue reading [AD – Gifted & Affiliate Links] My Beauty Expert Haul


Urban Nature, the Power of People and a No Norm Attitude – GOSH SS17

When the cold and snow of February is chilling your bones it's always good to turn your thoughts to warmer brighter days. So when the spring and summer make up collections start to appear you know you're one step closer. This week saw the launch of the GOSH Copenhagen SS17 range. Inspiration for the range… Continue reading Urban Nature, the Power of People and a No Norm Attitude – GOSH SS17


Getting to know Mary Kay

You know when you've seen someone around your office, they've worked there for years and you've never really spoken to them because you think you know what they're about? Well, that's kind of what happened with me and Mary Kay. I'd never tried it, didn't come across it very often and thought it wouldn't be… Continue reading Getting to know Mary Kay


My Makeup Obsession

So today I want to tell you about my Makeup Obsession. No I don't mean my makeup obsession - I don't have one (although I do like makeup quite alot - I just don't have an obsession in the true sense of the word. You see what I'm talking about is my new Makeup Obsession… Continue reading My Makeup Obsession