B. Multi Acid Retexturising Pads

My Superdrug finds and why effective beauty doesn’t need to be expensive beauty

I’m pretty sure that many of you are like me in that now and then the money runs out before the end of the month. Often that happens at the same time as you run out of a key beauty product that you can’t face the day without. Well, I’ve learned over time that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get really effective products and I’ve recently put that theory to the test again,  taking a look at what’s on offer in Superdrug.  Here are a few of the fabulous makeup and skin care products that I’ve found there and what I think about them.


B. Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit

Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit in Medium/Dark

I’ve got the B. Pro Sculpt & Highlight Contour Kit in Medium/Dark. Now I’d usually go for a light /medium hade combination but this one is working just fine for me. I’ve been popping it in my bag for work as it’s a great multi-tasker. I swish a big brush across both shades for a glowy uplifting daytime look – applying it in the usual 3 shape. For a more defined look, I use the shades separately as highlighter and bronzer/contour. This is just £8.99 here. Oh and I should add it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

B. Long Wear Brow Cream &  Cassie Lomas Pigment

B. Long Wear Brow in Dark Brown

Just when I think I’ve learned what shades are right for me I find out something new. (I’ve been playing with and using makeup for over 50 years you would have thought I’d get the hang of it sooner, wouldn’t you!) This time it’s in relation to brow cream – this B. Long Wear Brow Cream is in Dark Brown. I almost gave it away without trying it – I mean, I’m blonde/grey so this couldn’t be right, could it? Well, actually this is the shade I’ve been using ever since I’ve had it because I’ve found it’s all about the tone. If that is right then you can apply it lightly or more intensely to get the look you need. All those light/fair brow shades have been too red or too ash. This is the one for me. It goes on easily and it stays.  It’s £5.99 here.

The B. Cassie Lomas Glitter Pigment (in Glamoflage pictured above) is a buildable, highly concentrated loose powder pigment that you can use in different ways. I tend to use it over normal shadow in the centre of the lid to give a highlight effect but you can wet it to use it as a liner or mix it in with products to highlight. It’s just £4.99 here.


B. Soft Multi-Acid Retexturising Pads

B. Multi Acid Retexturising Pads

Now, these B. Soft Multi-Acid Retexturising Pads new to the B. skincare range and they’re not available online yet but you can find them in stores. They really suit my skincare routine as they’re quick and ready to go – no faffing about working out how much product to use and they’re double-sided (texture or smooth) so you can decide which is best for your skin needs. Use them around three times a week – so every other day and the powerful blend of fruit acids and glycolic acid will work its magic to give you visibly brighter skin in a couple of weeks. I like how smooth my skin felt right after the first application and am seeing the brightening effect too at the two-week stage. They’re just £5.99 and they’re great used along with the B. Soft Brightening Fruit Acid Cleanser £6.99

B. Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz  B. Energised Sunshine Vitamin Shot & B. Lifted Contouring Cream 

B. Skincare

Now, this line-up of beauties just sums up the sheer range of innovative, effective and inexpensive vegan-friendly beauty that B. has brought to the table. L to R they are the B. Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz B. Energised Sunshine Vitamin Shot & B. Lifted Contouring Cream .  

First up the spritz, I’ve used a previous version of this and reviewed it here using it on a cotton pad at toner stage day and night but it’s fabulously cooling during a warm day.  It’ll cost you £7.99 here

And oh the Sunshine Vitamin Shot! I needed this so badly working in an office with no daylight for 8 hour days and missing the glorious summer sun. This is perfect at serum stage to keep up the effects of Vitamin D on the skin. It’s a purse-friendly £6.45 here.

Next on my to try list is the B. Lifted Contouring Cream. I’m so excited to try it as it looks so promising. Sometimes I need more than one face to try out all the amazing products I come across as it takes time to work out whether something is effective and suits my skin too. So I’ll need to update you more on this in another post. B. promises that it will deliver an instant tightening effect on the skin leaving the complexion looking tauter. I reckon my skin could do with some of that. It’s £9.99 here.

I should add that the prices I’ve quoted are full price but at the time of writing there are some amazing offers available so do check them out.

And Just for Fun

Love Island Face & Body Glitter

Love Island Body Glitter

This summer we all got sucked into the Love Island vibe one way or another. Summer may have come and gone but these are still available and great whatever the season for a bit of sparkly fun. The glitter is finely milled and the set comes with a tube of primer to apply the glitter for eye, face or body glitter looks. for just £5 here.

Have I convinced you to take a look at Superdrug for purse-friendly beauty? I think that you may just find that one or two of these products will replace your higher end favourites for good. Let me know what you think.


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4 thoughts on “My Superdrug finds and why effective beauty doesn’t need to be expensive beauty”

  1. I had no idea they did brow cream!! I’m using a pencil at the moment but it’s £9!! I’ll definitely be looking into this 🙂 xx

    Holly |


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