MUA Makeup Academy Pro Base

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People talk a lot these days about how they want the people they look to, to tell them about beauty and make-up products, to be relatable. I’ve been pondering about this a bit, and from my perspective, I know I want to hear about what’s out there that I can treat myself too – aspirational products – and also what I can use and enjoy that’s on the high street and is affordable. Certainly, when times were hard over the years I bought only basic cleansers and moisturisers and looked for gifts with purchases to restock on high-end brand make-up. Sometimes that’s how it has to be. So that’s a long way round to saying that I wanted to bring you a look at MUA Makeup Academy that’s an affordable brand that’s exclusive to Superdrug.

So what’s made me take a look at this brand in particular? Well, I heard about some interesting, innovative base products that they’ve introduced in their Pro/Base range and so I thought I’d also take a look at what their colour makeup looks like these days too. Here’s what I discovered.

MUA Makeup Academy Pro Base

MUA Pro Base Soothe & Cool Primer Stick

This was the product that I was most intrigued to try.  It’s one of two cooling base products that I think are perfect for warm weather. It’s the MUA Pro Base Soothe & Cool Primer Stick (£5). It’s presented in what you’d normally think of a stick deodorant format. It’s an ice blue cooling and hydrating formula that calms redness and provides a smooth base for make-up. I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything like it.

MUA Pro Base Cooling Spray

A perfect partner for the Primer Stick this is the MUA Pro Base Cooling Spray (£4) for all day long wear. It’s a fine mist that instantly cools and refreshes. You can wear it on its own or through the day over makeup.  I’ve been really impressed that it does actually spray finely and not drench your face. The 70ml size means it’s handy for taking with you in your bag and is also below the 100ml limit so perfect for taking on holiday for a refresh on the plane or at the poolside.

MUA Pro Base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation

I chose the MUA Pro Base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation (£5) in shade #110 which I found to be a little light for me at this time of year but it’s a lovely formula that I found to be a little different from the description provided. It is full coverage if you build it up, otherwise, I’d say it’s medium coverage and whilst the finish is matte it does have a slight sheen to it, which I found was a plus as sometimes matt finishes can be very dull especially on mature skin. I’m not over keen on the spatula applicator and would prefer a pump but with it being such a low priced item I can get over that. Its formula also includes Vitamin E  and is paraben free. (All MUA products are also vegan and cruelty-free too).

MUA Makueup

MUA Tropical Oceana Palette

On the colour makeup side of the house, I was attracted to the MUA Tropical Oceana Palette immediately. So pretty, I felt a bit like a child with a new set of paints or crayons and wanted to use them all at once. There are 25 shades (a mix of matte and pearl shades) which are great for a bit of summer fun or to try out colours that you wouldn’t normally go for. The palette is just £8.

Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipsticks

These Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipsticks are one of the stand-out finds for me in MUAs range. I’ve been trying World Class and Major which are two great pinky nude shades that go on like a dream and feel great on the lips. They’re not super long lasting but at just £3 each you can afford to top up the colour throughout the day.

Brow Define Eyebrow Pencils

These Brow Define Eyebrow Pencils haven’t been out of my makeup bag since they arrived. They’re easy to apply, and both Fair and Light Brown shades suit my complexion. With an angled eyebrow pencil at one end and a paddle shape brush at the other, that’s really useful for distributing the colour evenly and brushing it through the brows. These are just £3 each. You just can’t go wrong.

MUA Brushes

Lip Brush (L1) and Flat Top Buffer Brush (F9)

I figure that you can never have too many makeup brushes – especially when you’re as lazy as me about getting around to washing them. I’ve yet to try out the Lip brush (£1.95) as the Super Stylo lipsticks have been practically all I’ve been using and I’ve found them easy to apply without a brush.

But the Flat Top Buffer Brush (£5) is all I’ve been using to apply foundation, it’s a great addition to my collection and means that I get a really smooth no-streak finish to my base. The brushes are almost throwaway cheap too.

Honestly, I really think that there are some hidden gems in the MUA range. I’d definitely repurchase the lipsticks and the brow pencils and I’ll be on the lookout for more new products from this brand to keep my supplies topped up. Well done MUA!



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