Payot Perform Sculpt Roll-On

[AD – Gifted & Affiliate Links] Discovering Payot

Today I’m bringing you something new from Payot. It’s a brand I’ve heard of before but knew nothing at all about until recently. So I’ve been reading up.

Payot Perform Sculpt Roll-On

The brand began in 1920, created by Nadia Payot, one of the first female doctors who was also involved in the women’s rights movement. She was committed to using her medical, scientific, and herbal expertise in the skincare products she developed. A meeting with prima ballerina Anna Pavlova helped her to understand the importance of techniques that preserve the skin’s beauty and youth. She developed and then introduced her clients to facial exercises and she followed this by creating a line of unique beauty treatments that acted in synergy with these application techniques. 

So, moving to today’s brand I’d like to introduce you to the first product that I’ve tried from the brand – this is the Payot Perform Sculpt Roll-on (£49 40ml). It’s designed to target your face, neck, and décolleté and uses a roll-on feature to apply the powerful anti-aging ingredients

Payot Perform Sculpt Roll-On

The Perform Sculpt Lift serum, applied as a roll-on helps to contour, sculpt and lift. It encourages drainage and tones slackening muscles. It’s enriched with a combination of actives, antioxidants, and peptides that target and treat skin concerns as well as boosting the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin promising a visible glow.  Ingredients include:

  • Acti-Lift complex
  • Wakame extract
  • Renovating peptide
  • Hyaluronic acids
  • Oat extract
  • Vitamin E

Described as an “anti-gravity weapon” with a formula that’s enhanced by the massaging action of the roll-on device, Perform Sculpt Roll-on is perfect for the sensitive areas of the neck and décolleté, with its light gel formula. Designed to tone and lift it’s a sculpting treatment for all skin types and aimed at mature skin, with the power of the Acti-Lift complex set to restore density and firmness to the skin.

Payot Perform Sculpt Roll-On

Directions are to turn the tip of the applicator to ON, then to squeeze the tube to release the required amount of serum, and return the tip to the OFF position before applying. The serum is designed to be applied in an upward motion, massaging from décolleté to the chin and lower cheeks.

My personal preference is to apply the product in the opposite direction, supporting the chin with one hand, and massaging right into the jawline and down to the decollete to help drainage away from the face. Of course, I’m no skincare expert, but I like to do what works for me. Additionally, whilst I initially tried the serum on my lower cheeks, I found that this was a little awkward to incorporate into my normal routine as I always apply serum over my entire face and so wasn’t sure how this doubling up effect would work. So I’ve been using it from the jawline down.

I love how cooling and firming it felt but I’d add another tip here – if you have room in your fridge then add the Payot Perform Sculpt Roll-on to your shelf for an extra cooling effect as you massage it on.

I’m really glad to have found out more about the Payot brand and to be able to introduce it to you. I’m expecting to be bringing you more Payot news soon so do keep a lookout!



3 thoughts on “[AD – Gifted & Affiliate Links] Discovering Payot”

  1. Thanks for the intro to Payot. I’d never heard of them but their history and the serum sounds interesting. A Charlotte Tilbury product I’ve got has a similar on/off nozzle. Not very keen on that.


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