Curl Friends?

Umberto Giannini – Curl Friends – Smooth Curls Conditioner – Review

140130Umberto Giannini Smooth Curls Conditioner

“Gently moisturising conditioner to smooth, detangle and build curl bounce”

I chose this conditioner because of the blurb on the front of the bottle. I wanted to find a product that makes my hair shoulder length curly hair look good without too much styling.

It was a bit like choosing a paperback to read. First you are attracted by how it looks. Then you pick it up and read the back cover to see if you want to read more. I liked how the bottle looked. I briefly imagined how it would look in my bathroom and decided it passed the test and fit in with the chrome accessories. ( I didn’t consider how closely it resembled something that a lady might buy from Ann Summers – until I was paying a young man at the till….). I paid my money (£5.50) and scurried off blushing.

So, you ask, did the conditioner deliver on its promises? The consistency is good, quite rich and pleasant smelling. It made my hair feel moisturised and I was hopeful that it would what it said on the tin erm…bottle. I left my hair to dry naturally and viewed the results. My hair was indeed curly and shiny but not any  more or less than than any other conditioner I’ve tried.

Maybe I was did something wrong but unless someone can tell me what – I’ll be going back to straightening my hair to get the shine I love.

If you have any recommendations for a product that works well on curls then do let me know and I’ll give it a go!


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