Diorshow New Look Mascara – Review


Diorshow New Look Mascara

I adore this Diorshow New Look Mascara – just look at how gorgeous it is as an object – it’s sleek and glamorous and I’d have it in my make-up collection even if it didn’t work at all as it’s so aesthetically pleasing!

Dior Show New Look Mascara
Dior Show New Look Mascara

The brush is great and gets at all the tiny lashes without smudging mascara all over the place. The effect of just one coat of this mascara is transformational. I went from having no lashes to speak of to having thick long lashes in seconds. I wouldn’t be without it!

If I have any criticism of this product it would only be that it does take a lot of removing. I used Biotherm Biocils Conditioning Make-Up Remover and then No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser before bed and then the cleanser again in the morning and there were still traces of mascara on my lashes when I went to apply it again this morning. Still, if it came off easily I’d be complaining about that too wouldn’t I?

They say:

“The new prodigious mascara with volume enhancer action, lash by lash. An exclusive nano-brush captures and coats every single lash, even the tiniest ones. A Lash Multiplier™ serum treatment formula thickens, separates and extends the lashes for an infinitely multiple lash effect. Day by day, a repaired and strengthened appearance is achieved for a fuller lash look.”

It costs £28.00 here.

Have you tried this mascara? Tell me what you thought about it in the comments box below.


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