Skinade Collagen Drink – Review


Until I went to the Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show a couple of weeks ago collagen drinks and supplements didn’t even register on my radar. I’d seen a couple of ads and offers and had dismissed them as some health food supplement for quirky people. I certainly didn’t think about them as anything to do with beauty or ant-ageing until that is I met Zoey!

A couple of days before the show I’d exchanged tweets with her and had promised to visit the Skinade stand. When I arrived at the show the stand was one of the first I saw and so I went over and introduced myself. It was clear from the first minute that Zoey was the best advert for Skinade that you could possibly have. She’s so full of energy and enthusiasm and she totally believes in the product. Her skin is great and over about 15 minutes she told me all about Skinade and the science behind it and why it works.

Here’s what they say:

Skinade™ – the anti-ageing collagen drink that boosts your natural collagen production improving the way your skin looks in as little as 20 days. Each 150ml bottle provides a perfect ratio of liquid to active ingredients to create one of the most advanced anti-ageing skincare products available. Drinking Skinade on a daily basis results in:
– healthier looking skin
– more even toned skin
– younger looking skin
– increased skin hydration
– reduced appearance of fine line and wrinkles
– more radiant skin
No artificial flavours or colouring,
Only 35 calories per bottle.
Contains 7000mg of hydrolysed marine Collagen”

I wanted to believe that it could work. She didn’t tell me that it would work miracles, she didn’t say that it would work quickly she just told me that it made her feel great, that people would say that there was just something different about how she looked although they couldn’t place what it was. She said that over time hydration levels in the skin would improve and that it was a great supplement for skin, hair and nails.

So, I agreed to give it a try*. Now, I don’t know if it’s reasonable to try and review a product after using it for 10 days. They say that you should see some improvement in 20 days but ideally you should use it for at least 30 -90 days to see results. 30 days supply costs £90 so it’s no small investment to see the first results. But if you equate that to how much you spend on a coffee a day – you can perhaps appreciate the value.

I had my first taste of the drink at the show, a shot size glass, and it tasted peachy and fruity and I liked it. So I thought that I should be able to manage to drink this once every day. Each bottle contained a 150 ml daily dose so it’s a fair size drink to have each day after breakfast. I did find that the taste became a bit cloying after a day or two and I think that the recommendation to drink it chilled was a good one. Anyway, it wasn’t unpleasant but it did become more of a chore than a pleasure after a few days.

So what about the results. I really can’t decide if there are any yet. I don’t feel physically any different and I don’t see anything different in the mirror but my skin does feel different to the touch. It’s more hydrated, and firmer I’m sure.

So, I suppose the question is would I invest in a further supply to see if there are further improvements to come? I think that on balance the answer is no. I think that it’s likely that if I ate a healthy balanced diet and used a good quality anti-ageing cream that I’d probably get similar results on my face. Sure the collagen drinks treat the whole person not just your face and I’ve heard that people have got great results with their joints and energy and skin-tone but I’m not sure that I could be bothered to drink one every day of my life

Still, the most positive part of the experience for me was meeting Zoey and when I think about how healthy and bouncy she is I do wonder if I’ve judged Skinade too quickly. Hmmm I may just have to give it another go……

If you’d like to give it a try you can buy it here. There’s currently an offer to get 5 days free with a code at the checkout.


*PR sample


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