Collagen supplements – what’s that all about?

Collagen supplements


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll have read one or two posts I’ve done about collagen drinks, and pills that claim to make you look younger feel fitter and all kinds of things that are reasonably hard to measure. I was first introduced to them at the Anti-Aging Beauty Show and I’ve written  reviews of Skinade collagen drink and  Gold Collagen drinks published after trying the drinks for 10 days.

This post is a kind of refelctive  overview of  the whole collagen thing. Since these reviews both brands offered me a 30 day trial of their products and I took up Gold Collagen on their offer. I’ve also been sent Xenca and Colladeen Visage to try.

Let me sum up what I think about each of the brands:

Skinade: This was the first collagen drink that I’d tried. It was quite a large drink at 150ml per bottle and had a fruity taste which I found a bit cloying. I took it each day at breakfast though and it was no hardship. I only had 10 days supply and the blurb says that you may see a difference from 20 days. So to be fair I was in no position to judge the effects. I thought my skin might have felt a bit better but that could have been the effects of other topical products.

Gold Collagen: I tried the 10 day supply and again I didn’t really notice any effect. The drinks were smaller like shots really but the taste was a bit artificial though not unpleasant. Again I thought maybe I looked “well” but nothing tangible. After I posted the review I was sent 30 days supply. I wasn’t asked to try it or review it. It just arrived. I left it on the shelf while I tried out some skin care products so that I wouldn’t blur the lines of the reviews. Then about a month ago I thought I’d give the 30 day trial a go. I took the drink every morning with breakfast and it became a routine and I kind of looked forward to it. But you know what? I still can’t tell if there’s any difference! I’m wondering perhaps that I’d feel and look worse after stopping for a while but I’m not convinced that you would be able to see a difference unless you carry out scientifc tests.

Xenca Collagen:  I was sent these by a lovely lady who really believed in the products. I promised to give them a try and feel bad that I haven’t really given them a fair go. The thing is the instructions say that you should take them an hout after eating before you go to bed but I  couldn’t remember to take them and when I did remember it was either in the morning or I’d just eaten. So the product could be amazing it just doesn’t suit me.

Colladeen Visage:  This product is slightly different – as well as collagen it promises to boost SPF. I’ve only taken it for the first time today. Fortunately the only instruction is to take with meals and I can do that with breakfast. I’ll need t report back on this one at a later date.

So – what do I think overall and so far? I really don’t believe that anyth ing that you take orally can boost collagen – wouldn’t stomach acid destroy the collagen? I know I’m not a scientist but it would seem logical. I really think that you could probably get the same effects from a healthy diet and keeping hydrated. I’d love to be proved wrong of course. As well as that these products aren’t cheap and I think that if I paid out that kind of money over a long period  I would want to see tangible results.

Prices are:

Skinade: £90 for 30 days supply

Gold Collagen: £35.99 for 10 days supply

Xenca Collagen: £17.95 for 90 days supply

Colladeen Visage: £18.95 for 30 days supply

Anyone got any stories about their experiences wiht these or other collagen brands? I’d love to hear about them.



The products mentioned in the review were PR samples. I wasn’t paid to write the reviews and all views are my own. This post contains affiliate links.




5 thoughts on “Collagen supplements – what’s that all about?”

  1. Like you, I’m no scientist but in my lowly opinion about collagen being destroyed by stomach acids, maybe they get through to the small bowel and then get absorbed into the body as well as the other vitamins and mineral supplements that we take?


  2. I’ve been using the Gold Collagen shot for the last two months now and my nails have gone incredibly strong and the skin on my hands especially looks really plumped up. I’m going to keep on using it as long as I can afford it!xx


    1. That’s what I was hoping for but my nails have got worse recently although it’s hard to know if that’s connected. If it’s working for you though I think you should stick with it.


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