Review – Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum

As soon as I received this Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum I fell in love with it and had to show you how it looked right away. Here it is when it was straight out of the pack! I couldn’t wait for daylight to take the best photo I just wanted you to see it. You all probably know that I love beautiful packaging and the bottle is the most beautiful blue.

Aqualia Thermal

The next morning I just couldn’t wait to see if the contents lived up to the promise of the packaging.

Vichy tell me that Aqualia Thermal is the first dynamic skin care that boosts water circulation for fresh beauty – plump perfectly hydrated skin all day long. Sensitive skin needs optimal hydration to allow the skin to undergo its natural repair process, They say Aqualia Thermal soothes sensitive, dehydrated skin and restores its comfort. It’s concentrated with Thermal Spa Water and enriched with hyaluronic acid. It soothes and helps protect the skin from daily aggressions. Skin is left intensely hydrated.

For me, the first feeling was of extreme comfort almost like a caress. I think in my excitement I said on Instagram and Twitter that it felt like my face was touched with angels wings! Ok so I got a bit over excited but this felt amazing! I’ve been layering up my skin care recently. Following the rule of starting with the thinnest product first and working up to the richest. So the serum goes on first then my moisturiser (currently also by Vichy) then my primer, foundation, blusher and highlighter. I think that this combination makes my skin look and feel the best it’s ever been.

Aqualia Thermal2

Vichy really are coming out with amazing products that also seem to suit my skin really well. If you get the chance to try them you really should. The Aqualia Thermal Serum costs £22.50 here. It also comes in light and rich formulas.

What’s your favourite Vichy product?


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