Review – Arnaud Hydra Absolu Re-plumping Serum

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I’ve only been using serum regularly since I’ve been blogging – so that’s less than a year.  Before then I wasn’t really sure what they were for and tended just to use moisturiser. As I’ve learned more from other bloggers and brands I’ve learned to layer products and it’s against that background that I’ve discovered the benefits of them.

I’m sure that you’re all used to me banging on about how much I love Vichy Aqualia Thermal. I’ve found that every time I try a new serum I compare it to this and feel the need to measure whether it’s better or worse than this favourite. I was really tempted to just buy it and accept that it’s the best one for me but when I went shopping locally it wasn’t available so I set my self the challenge of finding the best quality serum that I could find at the best price and this Arnaud Hydra Absolu Re-plumping Serum is the solution that I came up with.

I managed to find this beauty in TKMaxx. I find that their beauty offerings are a bit hit and miss and the locals do like to treat the store like it’s a jumble sale. So I was pleased to find this serum. It’s a brand that I have heard of before but it doesn’t seem to be widely available apart from at TKMaxx and on eBay. Still I haven’t let that put me off. Here’s what they say:

“Give your skin the care it deserves with the Hydra Absolute Re-plumping Serum. Works to brighten complexion, moisturise and stimulate skin to fight the signs of ageing.”

I’ve found that it’s keeping my skin feeling really soft and plumped and a pretty close match for the effects of the Vichy product. It doesn’t give me that “oh my god this feels so comforting!” feeling that I had when I first applied Vichy Aqualia Thermal but I think that for the price it’s a pretty good substitute. It’s available here for just £9.99! They say the RRP is £25.00 but I can’t find it anywhere else in the UK for less than £27.96 so I’m really chuffed!

Have you ever bought beauty products from TKMaxx? I’d love to hear what you bought.



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