Review – SkinPep Ultra Hydrating Anti Wrinkle Gel Mask

I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted several Skin Pep products to try recently. Two of them of course I’ve set aside for my giveaway so I’ll have to wait to see what the winner thinks about those. There are a few other goodies that I’m testing over a couple of weeks to get the full effect but this SkinPep Ultra Hydrating Anti Wrinkle Gel Mask has already been tested. Not by me this time but by one of my work colleagues. She was so interested in trying something out and this was the item that she chose to test. I thought you’d like to hear what she said as a non-blogger. Here’s what she told me about her “experience”……

“I set aside a quiet calm time to experience the new product. I read the instructions and could see that it said that all you needed to do was wash you face before using – which I did. I cut open the packaging and took out the contents which were covered in the ingredients – so there was enough there.

Trying to open the content to reveal the mask took me much longer than I’d hoped. It was very fiddly and sticky and to be honest once I had prised the plastic covering off both sides of the mask – which is in two parts – it was so sticky that I wasn’t sure which side was the right side to put on.

After say a couple of minutes I placed the two halves on my face and went for a lie down as I was quite stressed by then. There was lots of tingling – I suppose that meant something was working – it was cooling to the face and I stayed still for about 25 minutes – the guide said 30-40 minutes.

Taking it off was equally amusing but I did it. I managed to get a pick of it and then washed my face. My face did feel smoother and cleaner before I went to bed. But I think I could have achieved the same result quicker and less stressful with my usual mud mask from Superdrug!”

I liked the fact that my colleague was so candid. I think that she may have been more impressed with the results if she hadn’t had such difficulty with the packaging.

Here’s what Skin Pep say about the product .

“The SkinPep® HydroGel Mask Supports Collagen & Elastin in Skin Cells to Improve the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles.

When used twice weekly it will promote enhanced collagen and elastin
production in the skin. This will improve skin texture, skin softness,
elasticity and tightness.

When used twice weekly may maintain healthy skin metabolism, reduce
skin roughness and reduce the appearance of age spots and evens out

Instant moisturising and plumping effect to minimise the appearance of lines
and wrinkles.

Optimal plumping and moisture retention with Hyaluronic acid (5%),
Aloe Vera (6%), and Concentrated Snail Secretion (1%) for optimum
skin conditioning.”

There’s lots more information about the product here where you can purchase a pack of 5 for £24.99 or a single pack for £8.99.

Oh and make sure you enter my giveaway to win two great SkinPep products worth £64.98!


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