Oh Daniel You’re Making Me Blush! – Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes – Review




Oh my goodness – what can I tell you about these blushes! These four little post of gorgeousness have very quickly become not only my favourite blushers but I couldn’t really entertain wearing any other type of blusher – not even another Daniel Sandler blusher.

Now let me rewind, it was only a few months back that I hadn’t heard of Daniel Sandler, I certainly hadn’t heard of water-colour blushes by Daniel or any other “lookie likey” brand. (More on that later). Then a dear friend that I met through blogging kindly sent me two gorgeous shades – Mayfair and Angel – and a specially designed Daniel Sandler Water Brush too.

The consistency is just as you would expect from watercolour – like watercolour paint – well a wash really. The pigment separates in the bottle a little so you shake it to mix and then you use just a drop on the brush and apply it. It paints on like a flush, the merest hint of blush, and then if you wish you can build up to a stronger look. I never do, I like the gentle look – like an airbrushed effect.

As I started to find out more about Daniel and really began to admire what he does as a make-up artist and a brand I started following him on Twitter and then Bam! the other day I won two more water-colour blushes. When they arrived they came beautifully wrapped with a personal handwritten note from Daniel! Not only that but they were two different shades Goddess and Spicey. Lovely!

You can find all Daniel’s products here. The water-colour blushes cost £15.50 here.

Oh and just to say that this Multi-award winning Watercolour fluid blusher contains Vitamin E and Jojoba. So don’t go for any replicas, no matter how little they cost, you’ll only be disappointed.

Have you tried Daniel Sandler products? I’d love to know which ones you’ve tried. Do comment below!


7 thoughts on “Oh Daniel You’re Making Me Blush! – Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes – Review”

  1. Love Daniel’s makeup. I use his face primer, invisible foundation, eye shadows, eyeliners, cream blusher and of course his watercolour blushers.


  2. The Instant Tan is my most used bronzer in my kit. The liquid blushers are in a class of their own, the magic fine line lip wand is a must, and Daniel himself introduced me to his lipsticks Marilyn (my personal top fab fave) and Micro Red – their staying power is fantastic. If I had the money, I would stock his entire range in my business. Enjoy your DS items and if you ever get the chance to hear him speak or do a make over, do go, he’s really worth it. Passionate, funny, gifted and approachable.


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