Review – Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

Viktor & Rolf2

Ever since I got my first sample of Viktor & Rolf Bonbon at a Debenham’s event (here) I have wanted more. It’s been on several wish lists, I’ve recommended it to everyone that would listen and tweeted about it endlessly.

This Christmas I finally got not just the perfume but a beautiful gift set. Thank you Safi! It’s taken me a while to write this post because there has been such a debate about whether it’s showing off to say what you had for Christmas or whether people like to be nosey. Anyway I’ve decided that as I’ve been writing about every single beauty item I’ve tried for almost a year it would be silly to leave out this one – because I just love it!

What they say:

“Bonbon is composed of sparkling, effervescent mandarin and orange slices – crystallized into crackling pieces of caramel wrapping succulent fruit. The sweetness of paradise peach accord flirts tenderly with supple caramel notes, clinging to the roundness of peach’s fleecy surface. Sun-filled jasmine is sustained by orange blossom whose sweet flavour clings to the soft smell of caramel. The fragrance flows languidly across the skin, as caramel would generously drip over an indulgent dessert. Finally, gaïc and cedar woods blend into the base note to achieve a surprising balance between smooth, creamy, milky sandalwood notes and the upright, stronger and darker notes of woody amber. The rich brown facets of the caramel accord are tenderly overcooked. Caramel characterises the scents evolution. From inception to completion, the caramel notes mature from a sharp, edible top note to softer and milkier in the middle then darkening to add depth to the base note.”

Now that is some description! I thought that was I was going to say about it was going to be effusive!

The thing is it smells sweet and warm and a bit like candy. I didn’t think about caramel until I read it but now I really feel that it is one of the main themes of the scent. I wear it every day and feel bad about all the other bottles of fragrance that are just sitting there waiting to be used – but I just can’t help myself.

The final element that I just love is the bottle! It’s the most gorgeous over the top bonbon shape. It’s girly, it’s classy and it’s adorable!

It was a gift so forgive me if I don’t look at how much it costs – but you can find Bonbon products here.

Oh and don’t blame me if you can’t stop wearing it once you’ve tried it!


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7 thoughts on “Review – Viktor & Rolf Bonbon”

  1. Totally agree with you Hazel, I got Bonbon for Valentine’s day and fell in love instantly. Just like you I feel sorry for the other bottles of perfume sitting and staring at me. They get no love.



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