Hollister Wave 2 for Women

Summer’s Looking Peachy….

Guys, it's nearly summer. Unless you've been traveling you probably haven't seen much of the sun yet but I've seen glimpses of summer in some of the makeup and fragrances I've been trialing. I've also seen a bit of a peach theme going on. This newest twist on the best-selling Wave fragrance from Hollister California… Continue reading Summer’s Looking Peachy….


Empties October 2016

Here's October's list of goodies that I've used up - some new and some repurchases starting with: Collection Moisturising Lip Butter in Vintage Rose This is a perfect day time pinky nude that's just perfect. I think that this is the second one I've used up all the way although I don't seem to have… Continue reading Empties October 2016


Akar Skin – Tibetan Inspired Beauty

Things aren't always simple. Things aren't always black and white. But this time they are - well ok there's a little hint of gold on the packaging but what isn't improved by a touch of gold? What am I going on about? Well, today I'm talking about Akar Skin. When  I got an e-mail asking me… Continue reading Akar Skin – Tibetan Inspired Beauty


Brand Focus – W7 Cosmetics

If you search for W7 Cosmetics on my blog you'll find that there are quite a few reviews featuring various products from the W7 range. They're a pretty unassuming brand and you'd find it really hard to spend more than a tenner on an item. Most products come in under a fiver! I've been using… Continue reading Brand Focus – W7 Cosmetics


Luscious Lip Looks for Valentine’s Day

Christmas is over. New Year's Resolutions have been made and broken. You've started the health kick and given up at the sight of the Cadbury's Creme Eggs (even though there are only 5 in a box and the chocolate's been americanised!). So it must be time to think about Valentine's Day! That's right it's time to… Continue reading Luscious Lip Looks for Valentine’s Day