Review – ARK Skincare

I was introducedARK Primer to ARK  Age Aware Skincare way back at the beginning of my blogging “career”. I liked it straight away but it wasn’t until I found the ARK anti-aging skin protector SPF30 primer that I truly fell in love! You can read about how I discovered it here.  Well, it was such a hit with me that I used up every drop and then as us bloggers do I moved onto the next primer on the review list. Then, just recently I was reminded what an amazing product it was and I’m back to wearing it every day.

But that’s not all from this clever brand. Along with the primer I was sent a trial size of the ARK Lounging Body Butter. This is part of the ARK Home Aromatics range. They’ve developed a range of products using pure essential oil blends that will support and nurture you throughout the day and create an uplifting ambience in your home. There are three uniquely beautiful natural body butterfragrances – Loving, Living and Lounging!

The body butter unusually comes in a tube and not a tub and I can’t lie, this is a lotion and not a butter in consistency – but as far as the effect is concerned – wow! It’s rich and nurturing and the scent is amazing! It contains Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin and Lemon which are refreshing, reviving and nurturing. Neroli, Cedarwood and Patchouli which are calming, grounding and healing and Sandalwood which is softening and anti-inflammatory. What a treat! I can’t wait to try “Living” and “Loving” now!

You can find the ARK range here. Enjoy!


These products were gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and are not prescribed.


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