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Happy Feet!

DG Podiatry

I’ve never had a pedicure. No-one has ever painted my toe-nails except me.  So when I was invited to have a medi-pedi at DG Podiatrist in Mayfair I had to give it some thought. I wondered what a medi-pedi involved, what kind of salon or clinic I would be attending and whether the treatment would be a luxury and a pleasure or something akin to visiting the dentist!

A bit of research helped me to decide. I read that DG stands for Dina Gohil.  That appointments combine highly skilled medical practices with luxury processes so that you can lie back and feel pampered. I began to be persuaded that this might be something I might enjoy. Medical pedicures bridge the gap between beauty and health. So I realised then that as well as being a beautifying process it incorporated the medical skills of a qualified podiatrist.

So at the end of a long day at the office on Friday I headed across London to South Molton Street in Mayfair and entered the oasis of calm that is the DG Clinic.

DG reception

Dina was waiting to greet me and gave me a warm welcome and invited me to take a seat while she told me a little bit about her practice and her holistic approach to foot care. She explained that taking care of your feet and keeping them healthy is important and that once I had experienced the feeling of having my feet at their best I would be come more aware of when they needed attention and would be proud of my feet.

Dina Gohil

Dina quickly put me at ease and explained to me what the treatment would involve. The Medi-Pedi’s lasts 45 minutes and includes a thorough assessment of both feet.  Medi-Pedi’s are performed on dry feet and hard skin, corns, nails , heels and skin conditions are taken care of. While Dina completed the treatment we chatted about our weekend plans and the process felt relaxing and indulgent. Once the process was complete and all the hard dry skin had been removed Dina encouraged me to feel my feet – they felt amazing and not like my feet at all! I joked that I might be tempted to slip off my sandals on the tube and invite people to look at my feet! I didn’t go that far  but there was certainly a spring in my step when I left the clinic and went back into the busy street leaving the calm behind me.

DG reception358 South Molton Street

There is a full range of treatments on offer that cover all foot care needs including nail care, nail surgery, express treatments and preparatory sessions ahead of your wedding day. The treatment I had costs £120 and you can find more details of what’s on offer here.
DG Podiatrist is at:
58 South Molton Street, Mayfair, London, W1K  4SL.
Tel 020 7706 1997

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