Discovering Margaret Dabbs

It's kind of curious isn't it how, just by trying out one product, you can come across a whole brand and concept that's just perfect for you without even knowing you needed it in the first place? Let me rewind a bit on this one. I found this pot of hand serum in among a… Continue reading Discovering Margaret Dabbs


Head, shoulders, knees and toes? Discovering Skin Republic

I think that we're all used to how well sheet masks work on our face as they really take the fuss, mess and guesswork of how to apply beauty serums to the face. But the difference I discovered here with Skin Republic is that they also make them for other parts of your body too!… Continue reading Head, shoulders, knees and toes? Discovering Skin Republic

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Happy Feet!

I've never had a pedicure. No-one has ever painted my toe-nails except me. ┬áSo when I was invited to have a medi-pedi at DG Podiatrist in Mayfair I had to give it some thought. I wondered what a medi-pedi involved, what kind of salon or clinic I would be attending and whether the treatment would… Continue reading Happy Feet!


Foot-Care Focus

I've noticed recently that I've gathered a fair collection of foot-care products and that I'd never reviewed any of them. That together with a focus on my feet recently - I've hurt my heel on one foot and my big toe on the other - mean that I've been thinking about feet alot more than… Continue reading Foot-Care Focus