Review – Collection Gorgeous Glow Highlighter Palette

Gorgeous Glow

This Collection Gorgeous Glow highlighter palette is like summer in a little block!  The stripes of colour are reminiscent of sand and tan and golden sun. My summer holiday is long gone and my tan is beginning to fade so I’ve been reaching for products that keep the memory alive.

Gorgeous Glow2

This palette is highly pigmented with a light shimmer.The texture is soft and buttery and when the shades are swirled together with a big brush they blend nicely. It’s perfect for contouring or an all over glow and  although I haven’t tested the theory yet I think you could use the separate colours on your eyes.

I’ve shied away from bronzers in the past as they tend to make me look muddy rather than bronzed but I swished this on this morning and I felt it gave me a “just back from holiday glow”.

It’s been suggested that this palette is a dupe for a high-end product that we’ve all coveted. I don’t think it is as I think it stands up as a brilliant little product in its own right. It only costs the same as a coffee and a sandwich and I reckon it’ll last me till summer is long gone. I love this little addition to my Collection collection!


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