Max Factor Memories and New Reviews

When I tell people I blog about beauty they often ask if I’ve always been interested in make up and the truth is it all started when I was still in primary school and my brother had a job with Max Factor. He worked in the factory near Bournemouth making mascara. Back in those days  mascara came in a block with a brush that you needed to wet and scrub onto the block to pick up the mascara before applying it. I’m afraid to say that many of us used to spit on the block if we weren’t near a source of water! Anyway, as a Max Factor employee my brother had access to discounted products from the staff shop and so I had the best stocked make-up bag! I remember there was definitely a sparkly blue loose powder eyeshadow in a small bottle and back in those days foundation was still in the “pan-stick” form that Max had developed for the first colour movies! My first goodie bag came from a visit to the factory for an open day and contained a bottle of Jonquil scent.

This was in the days of Mary Quant and Twiggy and I used my Max Factor stash to copy their model make-up looks piling on the mascara and painting on liner that peeled off.

Max Factor has changed over the years from being a family owned brand to it’s current day form as part of Procter & Gamble’s portfolio of brands but all the while it has been a strong favourite on the high street.

So just this week I’ve had the chance try some of Max Factor’s newest products around 50 years after I tried my first products. Here’s what I discovered.

Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit

eye shadow kit

The Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit comes in such a hand size to keep in your bag to take to the places that bigger palettes just can’t go. Not only do they come with three shades to help you create the perfect smokey eye look but they have a brow powder too. There are 6 different palettes to choose from containing gorgeously pigmented buttery baked powder shadows.

The two I have pictured above are Azure Allure on the left which has a mid brown brow powder and Luxe Lilacs with a light brown brow powder on the right. The choice of toning shades in each palette can be varied for a day-to-night look with the metallic shade giving a more dramatic night-time glamour. Each palette costs just £8.99 here.

Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick


The Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick comes in 10 new opulent shades for SS15. My gorgeous trio above are from left to right: Eternally Luscious, Evermore Lush, Forever Striking.

Max Factor Lipfinity Long Lasting Lipstick is marketed as a no compromise long wear lipstick, delivering moisturising, bold colour that stays looking luscious all day long. I found that the colour was intense and the creamy formula felt great on my lips. The promise of long-lasting wear wasn’t lived up to so well as it promised to last up to 8 hours. I guess that it might have lasted that long if I hadn’t had lunch or drank anything but I’m afraid apart from when I’m asleep I don’t tend to abstain for quite that long. Still, I’m happy to touch up my lipstick once or twice during the day so this wasn’t a major fail for me.

It was great to reminisce about how Max Factor was in the past, and I still think that it’s a brand theat revels in the glamour of the movies and the red carpet. I’m glad though that the formulas and presentation haven’t stayed in the past though and I love my new additions to my make-up collection.

What brands did you use growing up?


These products were gifted to me for review but the opinions are my own and are not prescribed. This post contains affiliate links.

9 thoughts on “Max Factor Memories and New Reviews”

    1. Thanks Teresa! My mum never used it. Just powder and lipstick and a face cream that might have been called snowfire? That was when I was tiny and then we both used Max Factor. Then probably Boots 17 and Miners.

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  1. I still use Max Factor creme puff because it fits into my vintage compact. Max Factor was the first brand of make up I bought, along with Miners.


      1. Yes, I have a couple of compacts that hold loose powder under a mesh and one that has the mesh and a special fitting so that you can put a pressed powder in instead. Pressed powder is definitely less messy when out and about!

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