Brand Focus – Woods of Windsor


I was just trying out a couple of products from Woods of Windsor recently and noticed the date below the logo – 1770! First thoughts were “wow!” that was a long time ago (245 years) and then I started to wonder about what was going on in the world back then.

So I took a look first at the Woods of Windsor site and found out a bit about their history. You can read the whole thing here but I was really intrigued to hear about the current business growing out of  finding old recipe and prescription books that dated back to the founding of the original apothecary.

Then I took a look at what was happening in the world at that time. George III was on the throne, Captain Cook embarked on his first voyage, the Industrial Revolution was underway and across the pond the American Revolution had begun!

So for me, that made me think of the Woods of Windsor brand in a whole different light. What it didn’t do was affect my thoughts on whether the products were effective and great to use. So enough of the history lesson – here’s what I thought.

Honeyed Pear & Amber

The Honeyed Pear & Amber Moisturising Body Lotion smells as delightful as it sounds. In fact the honeyed pears made me think of food (I don’t need much encouragement!) and how pears and honey would make a gorgeous winter pudding of some kind! I’ve been using the lotion night and morning on my feet and legs mostly, my driest places, and have been really loving the fragrance but more than that the silky feel and the quick absorption factor. It comes in a really generous 350ml size for £8.75 so it should last me for a good long time.

They say:

“A light moisturising lotion for hands and body with shea butter and grape seed oil that absorbs quickly and keeps skin soft, smooth and delicately fragranced with our NEW sweet floral Honeyed Pear & Amber fragrance. Contains keratin to strengthen nails.”

Cedar Woods Handwash

The second thing I tried was the Cedar Woods Moisturising Hand Wash. I was a bit uncertain whether I would like the fragrance as I tend to associate cedar with male fragrances. Still, they market it as a unisex product so I thought I should give it a fair try. The overall fragrance is quite light and not too woody and it smells to me quite fresh and clean. I had to look up the descriptor “fougere” that they use for the heart note and found it means fern-like.

I think it’s a great all-round handwash for the bathroom. In the past when I’ve had particularly feminine scents my male guests haven’t quite known how to handle smelling of strawberries and cream or the like!

Again it comes in a 350ml size and costs £5.99.

They say:

“A moisturising hand wash that leaves hands feel clean and soft . The luxurious lather is delicately fragranced with our NEW enlivening Cedar Woods fragrance with citrus top notes, a fougere heart and a warm cedar wood and patchouli base.”

So what do you think? Does the history behind the brand make you think differently about today’s products? I wonder whether the people of Windsor in 1770 could ever imagine what the future would hold for the recipes first thought of in that little shop.

Love to hear your thoughts.



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