Discovering Laura Geller New York

laura geller

Until recently I’d only heard a little about Laura Geller. I’d seen the  brand on QVC, remembered a little something about “spackle” and that was about it. Then I was invited to celebrate the launch of Laura Geller New York at their first ever flagship store in the world, House of Fraser in Oxford Street. There was to be a carnival costume show and I had backstage access to photograph the Laura Geller UK Pro Make Up Artists as they prepared the models; to review the Laura Geller products; and to interview the visiting Laura Geller US Pro Makeup Artists.



goodie bags


I was the first to arrive and was shown into the personal shopping suite where are I got the chance to see all the latest shades and products on display. While I was waiting for the make-up artists to be ready for a chat I had a sneak peek at some of the carnival costumes in the changing room. It was a riot of colour.

Costumes backstage

Costumes backstage

Then I was joined by the Team Laura photographer, Ki Price. I always feel a little intimidated when bloggers come with impressive cameras and very intimidated when there are press photographers and this guy well he’s uber connected and me well I’m the one with the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a smashed screen that occasionally gets a lucky shot. He was such a gentleman, lovely to talk to and put me at ease.

So then, the Team Laura make-up artists arrived, and began to work on the models/dancers – all the while showing me what products they were using and letting me try them. They were all so lovely it felt a bit like when you meet the girls for a drink while you’re getting ready to go out.

Team Laura

Team Laura3

Team Laura

Then the US team told me a bit about the Laura Geller story. How she was a make-up artist on Broadway working with celebrities and how that led to her creating her own beauty brand and launch it on QVC over 20 years ago.

Then it was time for us to go down to the atrium to wait for the dancers to put on their show. While we waited we looked at more of the Laura Geller products on the shop floor and of course had a cheeky glass of prosecco too!

laura geller3




Team Laura

Then we heard the carnival music pumping and the stunning girls joined us on the shop  floor, beautifully dressed and made-up to perfection with their Laura Geller New York make-up.



There’s so much more to tell about the afternoon from chatting to Laura Geller’s friend who had popped in to see how everything was doing, to making friends with the girls from New York and meeting up with blogger friends but all too soon it was time to go. The pain was lessened as we were treated to some gorgeous products to take home. I’ll be trialling them over the next few weeks and you’ll be getting a lot more info on them and maybe some swatches. But here’s a quick glimpse and you can buy them in House of Fraser now.

delectables cool

delectables nude



I had a little try of the make-up this morning for my visit to Olympia Beauty and it took me so long to choose colours from 28 different shades, every single one is gorgeous. Anyway you’ll hear more about the products, how they’re made and what I thought of them in a future post.

Have you got any Laura Geller products? Have you seen her on QVC? I’d love to hear from you.


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