Urban Decay brings a little bit of LA to Brent Cross


Last week a whole bunch of us Urban Decay loving bloggers were invited to take a closer look at their newly opened store based in London’s Brent Cross Shopping Centre. The team there were excited to tell me that this store is a mini version of their Los Angeles branch!


Well, they say that good things come in small packages and this small but perfectly formed Urban Decay store is home to every single one of our UD favourites!


The LA style really shines through with glamorous lighting and mirrors optimising the space to the max.


Whilst the brand is a worldwide success this is only the third Urban Decay store to open worldwide (they have one more UK store in London’s Covent Garden and there are rumours of more London sites to come!)


We all had a great time trying out all the products and shades and imagining that this was our own private make-up playground.


When we were all played out we were sent home a few a generous selection of the UD “hero products” to try at home. All but one of them was new to me and I really had to restrain myself from trying them all out on the tube journey home.

Naked 2 (3)

Naked 2 (6)

Naked 2 (5)

In time honoured fashion you’ll be hearing more from me on the individual products as I try them out but here’s a glimpse of what’s coming up. As you can see these are products that many of you will be familiar with but with such great product quality I don’t think that familiarity breeds  contempt in this instance.





If you’re not near to one of the stores or  Department Store concessions then products are available on line including at John Lewis here and House of Fraser here.

How many of the products in this post to you own? Which are on your wish list? I’ve definitely got my eye on the Gwen Stefani Blush Palette!


This post contains PR samples and affiliate links.



5 thoughts on “Urban Decay brings a little bit of LA to Brent Cross”

  1. I know where you’ll be popping after a coffee in town then Hazel, lol. I love UD shadows & eyeliners, rather drooling over their blush palette now.
    Heidi x


  2. I know where you’ll be popping after a coffee in town then Hazel, lol. I love UD eye palettes and liners, now eyeing up the blush palette.
    Heidi x


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