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Giving curl a whirl!

curl mascara

Having teeny lashes that are hard to see even in a magnifying mirror you can see why I might be reluctant to curl them. It would make them look shorter right? Well, that’s what I figured up till now and I’ve always gone for mascaras that purely lengthen.

But now this Nu Colour Curling Mascara from Nu Skin has made me have a serious rethink! Undoing the cute bow and discovering such a sleek and chic casing was my first surprise. The well-designed metallic tube put’s this aesthetically up with the likes of Dior and YSL in the glamour stakes.

I’ve become accustomed to the curved brush that’s used by a few different brands now. That’s not to say I don’t poke myself in the eye with it occasionally when I get it at the wrong angle but it helps to cover all the lashes right down to the roots.

So what’s it like applied? I love it! It manages to magically curl my lashes and add length with no clumps! Oh yes!

I know that you tell me you want to see photographic evidence showing the effects of mascaras and the like but trust me, I’m not going to be sharing any close-ups of my eyes or any part of my face any more often than is absolutely necessary!

If you’d like to know more about the ingredients or source one for yourself then here’s where to go. The Nu Colour Curling Mascara costs £16.89.


This post contains a PR sample.


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