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Keeping it up all night in Soho! – with Bed Head by TIGI


Are you wondering if you’ve clicked on a dodgy link? Feeling a little uncomfortable like you’re in the wrong place? Don’t worry you’re safe! But that’s how I was feeling this week when I was trying to find the venue for a beauty event in London’s Soho. I guess I should have caught on quicker – I was invited to a pop-up from Bed Head by TIGI and they’ve never been shy of the odd innuendo!


Still, I looked up at the shop sign – Blade Soho – could be a hairdresser but then those silhouettes on the window looked like – well you know what I mean. Then I kind of recognised the hashtags from the invite #makeitmassive and #sizematters and thought I should bite the bullet and look inside. What’s the worst that can happen I thought – I’m over 18 (waaayyyy over!) and if it’s a sex shop I can just ask the way to the event. I peeked through the door and saw this…..


But just when I was about to lose my nerve and turn and run I saw a friendly face who knew who I was right away and was expecting me to have a consultation with the TIGI team and try out the products by having a blow-dry! Now don’t get me wrong there were plenty more cheeky posters, red lighting, tattooed hairdressers, and more but it was all very professional I promise!


Then just as I’d started to settle in and had taken just one photo by phone died! Yep, I’m the kind of blogger that works in an office all day and when it’s busy you forget that you need your phone charged for photos. What a fool! So I figured I’d just enjoy the experience and remember as much as I could about the products to tell you all. I’d planned to meet my blogger friend the lovely Nital who blogs at and she’d promised to meet me outside the event – and then I realised that she’d be standing outside what looked like somewhere quite dodgy on her own and I was running late.


I explained my dilemma to the guys and they peeped outside to see if anyone was waiting, I didn’t witness what happened but I can imagine standing outside a “live show” and being approached by a stranger with tattoos and asked your name and if you’d like to come inside…


Well, that’s the mark of a true friend! And even better than that she was kind enough to take all these photos for me – how lucky am I?

So while all this was playing out magic was being performed on my hair using all the new products from the Bed Head by TIGI range. These were Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioning Jelly as a perfect foundation for stand-out styles. The shampoo contains Uploader technology which forms micro points on the hair to create friction and allow you to get more control over your brush when drying.


The conditioner has fibre thickening technology that sinks in easily but doesn’t weigh down the hair. Then it was time for the styling and Big Head Volume Boosting Foam which acts as a primer forming a film around the hair providing texture and grip to allow the creation of amazing styles. It contains Moisture Complex to condition and retains moisture so that it’s crunch-free. The finishing touch was the Full Of It Volume Finishing Spray with style locker and hold boosting technologies so you can erm… keep it up all night!

Tigi18 (2)

So, then it was time to head off into Soho again to find dinner – and I felt really happy with my curly style and we didn’t stay up all night – we went to Pizza Express in Greek Street and I was home by 10!

Oh and I almost forgot – I brought home the whole new range to try at home so you’ll get more detailed reviews in the future I’m sure.

Tigi Bedhead

Do you have favourite hair products? I had only tried one Bedhead product before but I use it every day. You can read about that here.


This post contains PR samples.


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