Ego Boost from Bed Head by Tigi

Life has been a bit hectic recently. Doing the day job. Trying to get promoted in the day job.  Going to events. Trialling all the best products - and just being! Seems that the bit where I get to tell you all about what I've been trialling has fallen through the cracks. I'm pretty sure … Continue reading Ego Boost from Bed Head by Tigi


Empties – May 2018

I've been getting some great feed back from readers saying that they really love these empties posts. I'm guessing that's because they know that I've really experienced these products over a period of time rather than just snapping a photo before selling the products on Depop or e-bay. So let's kick off with May's empties … Continue reading Empties – May 2018

American English Haircare

American English shampoo and conditioner

American English vegan hair products are full of natural ingredients such as seaberry, baobab & quinoa and they're formulated without parabens, phthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfate. What's more ingredients are ethically sourced. Now I'm telling you this stuff up front because I've come to know that's what my audience (that's you lovely followers and friends!) care … Continue reading American English Haircare

Getting a new do at the Rush salon launch in Balham

Rush Chandelier

The Brand  At a guess I'd say that most of my UK readers had heard of Rush. It's an award-winning leading hairdressing group that's one of the fastest growing hair brands around. They already opened three new salons this year with more locations set to follow soon. Since the first salon opened in 1994 the key to growth has been their focus on giving great service. The … Continue reading Getting a new do at the Rush salon launch in Balham

Empties – January 2017

Almost forgot to post this! It was only seeing someone tweeting about their January empties that reminded me! Always love doing these posts. First because I'm proud that I've used things up right to the end and not wasted them and second because I want tot ell you what it was about these products amongst … Continue reading Empties – January 2017

Keeping it up all night in Soho! – with Bed Head by TIGI

Are you wondering if you've clicked on a dodgy link? Feeling a little uncomfortable like you're in the wrong place? Don't worry you're safe! But that's how I was feeling this week when I was trying to find the venue for a beauty event in London's Soho. I guess I should have caught on quicker … Continue reading Keeping it up all night in Soho! – with Bed Head by TIGI