GOSH Copenhagen SS18

I know that GOSH is one of the brands that you love to hear about and I've been meaning to tell you about the SS18 releases for a little while. Life and work have got in the way and I'm sorry that I've held up the news but I promise there's good stuff here that's… Continue reading GOSH Copenhagen SS18


GOSH AW16 Collection

Ok so right about now people in the know are talking about the SS17 collections so I'm late to the party with this news of the GOSH AW16 collection. That said I know that you wouldn't want me to skip telling you about the collection just because I'm late - my posts about GOSH cosmetics… Continue reading GOSH AW16 Collection

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Essentials for Halloween, Christmas and beyond

To be honest I haven't really accepted that summer is done - even though I got caught in a thunderstorm today and had to put on a fleece while watching TV to save putting on the heating. Still Christmas events have been going on in the blogging world since July and eventually I had to… Continue reading Essentials for Halloween, Christmas and beyond


Blenders, Brushes or Both?

Now I've been applying make-up for a fair few years now - around 50 I guess and the majority of those I applied foundation with my fingers, and I'm pretty sure it looked just fine. But when I received this Pamper Therapy Flawless Finish Sponge it made me think about the journey I've been on… Continue reading Blenders, Brushes or Both?


Summer Nails

A while back, at the beginning of Spring I gave my fragrance collection a sort out and put away the heavier scents to make room for the light summery florals. Not long after I did the same with my nail polishes picking out the colours that look great with a tan. I've been meaning to… Continue reading Summer Nails


GOSH SS16 Launch

I know that you love to hear about GOSH product launches as I get so many views when I write about them. I think there are a number of reasons why that is but put simply they're gorgeous, they're affordable and they're fun! The Primer+ Base Plus Illuminating Skin Perfector gives skin a spectacular glow… Continue reading GOSH SS16 Launch


Top 10 Most Viewed Posts On Strand On Beauty – 2015

It's that time of year when everyone compiles lists of the top songs of the year and the top movies so I thought it's about time I compiled my top 10 posts. It's been such a brilliant year and I've been given some great opportunities by brands and PRs so I'd like to thank everyone… Continue reading Top 10 Most Viewed Posts On Strand On Beauty – 2015


GOSH AW15 Reviews

You may remember that last week I went to the GOSH AW15 Launch Event. Well since then I've been playing with all the lovely colours and textures and now I can let you know what I think about all the new products. I was most excited to try out the Velvet Touch Matte Lipsticks. They… Continue reading GOSH AW15 Reviews


GOSH AW15 Launch Event

Just when you're feeling disappointed that summer is over before it's begun and there are too many days before pay-day along comes an event to put a smile on your face! This week the launch of the GOSH Cosmetics Autumn Winter 2015 range was the perfect excuse to spend some time with some friendly bloggers… Continue reading GOSH AW15 Launch Event


What’s on my face #3

I started off this morning thinking that it might be a good idea to try out my new La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL BB Cream as it's the weekend and I could get away with a bare-faced look as I won't be in the office. Then I got to thinking maybe I could try out one… Continue reading What’s on my face #3